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responsable gaming blank page


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@pittpitt wrote:

@Fredrik-Unibet wrote:

Hi @pittpitt

Thanks for reporting this and we'll look into it - should obviously work.

Are you referring to "Set a deposit limit" or anything else?

KR, Fredrik

anything else ? im gonna be honest sir Fredrik,, my casino is closed for a month,i wouldn't mind a 20$ freebet :) fair and square

Sorry for the troubles @pittpitt, would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of the error for our technical department? It would be needed for us to investigate further and try to find a fix :)


Former Community Manager
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let's just be clear hehe , i contacted customer serivce when i notice i couldn't change my lost limits...they told me to take a screenshot of the issue i said ' nop' --you don't want to send a screenshot? Nop wasted money now my time? lol
then i come here and start this edge , so maybe i can get some leverage to get a bonus loll
aha fair enough, i understand but it cost nothing to ask, even if it gets dirty... casino game is a sick business!
by players :P for players
to be fair..unibet is one of the best casino operator out there , because you can actually win big ! v-d b-s unibet the best!

for me not worth it only im out of these games before i burn a roll i stick to betting on mma ,nhl even if i suck i will find a way lol and poker

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that time ii got confirmation e mail...


We can confirm you’ve made a change to your loss limit at Unibet.


Please note – if you’ve made your loss limit more restrictive, the change will apply immediately. If you’ve made your limit less restrictive, the change will apply after 7 days. This gives you a chance to change your mind.


Find out more about our Responsible Gaming services here.


Kind regards,

The Unibet Team


but i can't tell if it work , my casino product is obv blocked ! but the page went white once again

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@JeppeL wrote:

@pittpitt I can confirm that you currently have a deposit limit set at $200 a month, with a change to $50 per week coming on the 27th at 10:47 PM CET :)

Yep @JeppeL and before that, it was 15 000 a month ....this restriction doesnt realy matter It can be change today and to be honest i don't want to be in the deposit business lol...and work fine!

the one that matters to me is the daily lost limit which is the one that doesn't reset (particularly in casino games ) now blocked !

i swear there's was an issue with the lost limits

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