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AA cash game mission


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@Rushbie  the challenges symbol appears on all tables.

Also, good point, it seems he had turned on the "play in cents" setting, maybe thats what caused the bug :wonder:

So, sorry for assuming it was a MTT table, seems like an actual issue with a cash table indeed, sorry for creating extra confusion @RayL

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To clear out some things.

From left to right you can see: win button, obs, paint, chrome browser opened on youtube, unibet client browser pop up i had to log log in bc the windows unibet poker client sometimes bugs out and when i enter the id and pw it only show a black screen, the win unibet client after i managed to log in, a nano tourney(small window on in the print screen), a plo cash table then and the replayer of the plo cash table(big window in the print screen). In the replayer you dont have the mission icon and the nano tourney poped out as i was to act so i used that window to click on the mission. Also for those interesd in my settings i use no animations, no sounds and no avatars and also i play in cents.

Ps: the print was not only intended to get the mission completed but also to report a possible bug

Ps2: mission expired anyway

Have a good day all of you :) and sry for bad english

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Hi @gravedom,

I'm not really sure what happened here, we haven't had any other complaints yet regarding this and if there was a common bug I think more people would have said something.

Either way, thank you for reporting this, the missions finished now, so no need to further look into it, however I have added you a flip ticket (your usual reward for finishing that mission) to your account now.

Thanks again,


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