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Stay away from extra chilli


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When it hurts more in the way out than going in. Then to the slot....

Ok, played it yesterday with freemoney and bought those freespins about 6-7 times. Ofc gambled them and not once did it fail and end up taking 12-20 spins. Couple of over 500x wins and i was like wow, this awesome.


Won little less than 10€ in freespins from competition. So i thought lets give chilli a shot. Got free spins 4 times with normal spinning, one time even +4 spins. 3 times gambled them and all fail in the first gamble and end up with nothing 😠

So be very carefull with that slot, it´s like gamblers greatest fantasy/worst nightmare in the same time. It can suck you dry and leave you tilted af. 

But i like it :D

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I'm also having some spins on this now... Well, I like Bonanza so how could I hate this.

One question though.... If I leave the game, will the feature drop price reset or can I continue later from where it was when I left the game?


EDIT: And is there a limit how low it will go?

EDIT 2: nvm the first edit...if it goes to zero bonus will start automatically :)

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extra chili is bonanza 2.0...a better and lower variance then bonanza , the feature gamble or collect could be a nightmare meanwhile to gamble 8 to 12 spins is a good indicator of your karma on the site ! 8 spin is not enough unless of huge multiplier hit ist very unlikely you not going to be a head short term !

i like the game if your karma is let's say c + to b lol the rtp is realy good...fun times

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