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Unibet Open Belgium championship 2018


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Hello community guys;

Would like to say here that I've won the 550 UOBelgium ticket yesterday, at the first live qualifiere in Blankenberge! So happy with that! :-) How I love to play Live poker... ! :-)

 Would like to wish good luck to all the members who want's to qualifier for this great tournament!

See you at Blankenberge! (and at the online tables here) ;-)

Geraldine (Djie) :-)


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For the (Belgium) players who want's to qualifier live at casino Blankenberge (F.O 70 + 10) Stack 10.000.

This are the dates:

4-18-25 may , 22 & 29 june, 6 & 13 july, 3-10-24 & 28 august.

All starting 20 PM.


But it would be nice too to qualifier here online, isn't it?! :-) So good luck!


Question, will the Unibet Players at the championship be recognizable by a badge for example? Would be nice to talk a bit and put a face on a nickname... :-)


Play hard and smart & have fun!



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@Djie75 if I qualify (and the weather isn't too good) then I'll be wearing a Unibet Community hoodie with my name on it :p easy to recognise

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
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@Djie75congrats with your ticket.


@RayL, i would like to ask to make exchanging Belgian Championships tickets possible

just like the Unibet open and UK tour.

Every time when i look for exchanging tournaments for these and i see the UO and UK ones

i feel quite discriminated.

Without exchanging possibilities i don't feel like playing the satelites

unlike last year when i managed to qualify.



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