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Taking notes


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I was wondering if any of you guys make effort to take notes on players?


I reckon software as screenmarker to write on your screen is probally not allowed? as i have asked that in the past on 2+2 and believe that is a no.

Also to what extend am i allowed to use excel? i have something in mind like writing a few simple assumptions that i will make column of and tick boxes

e.g. tight, does not defend blinds, misses valuebets allot, ... .

I am probally allowed do anything but create a hud? wich would be a ridiculous process anyway.

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99.9% sure you're allowed to use excel/google sheets. What is strictly prohibited is pretty much anything that interacts with the client in a way where it takes data from it or makes any actions for you. Study software is probably also prohibited, but most of them are too slow to figure stuff out during a hand anyway so idk how much it matters.

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     I usually make slow mental notes mainly consisting of:

           "These are a tight bunch"

           "They want my chips"

           "I hope I dont lose my stack before I quit"




"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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It may depend on what level you're playing but so far I'd write:

Calls way, way too often

Has never heard of Gap Theory

Thinks a small pair is a calling hand for his tournament life. 

Ditto Ace-Rag

Overestimates suited v unsuited hole cards

Overuses the minimum raise

Takes no notice of potsize when making a bet

Thinks pot odds are connected to a snooker match

Insta-calls when re-raised, without a second thought

Has a weird name followed by a number - like the weird name alone wouldn't make it unique


Put all that next to everyone and your job is done. Glad to be of help. 😃

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@imdenuts NMPfan gives good information here, anything that interacts with the client is a no-no, but I don't think we could tell someone not to use excel for notes as we have no way of enforcing it :)


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