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  1. i think it would be fun if we had the option to play 6 tables, only with the same people all get a random seat. it never been done anywhere before and personally i think it would do well on unibet.
  2. resolved, technical issue
  3. hi when I tried logging in today i got the message "player disabled" if i tried login again I can just log into the client like usually,,, I dislike to worry about this rather serious bug,,, - since today everytime i open the client the bug appears and i have to login 2x - can somebody enlighten me please?
  4. @pittpitt "the last generation off nits" that sounds like the title off a gooood movie :D
  5. @DaVitsche what makes unibet different from a zoom pool then? the tremendous amount off effort you have to put in to get the same volume compared to the latter.
  6. @Sweeedeeen personally i really do not give a damn what challenge i have to complete. who cares about this... nits that are clicking buttons in the hope to stack a rec? the only guy that would care about challenges is some rec wich kinda would make it even worse for him...
  7. atleast it wont feel like they run into nuts everytime. they don't care they just want to gamble a bit. i just don't see recs enjoying the game against a bunch off nits running into the nuts all the time.
  8. Will Unibet ever update the cash game offer? People play tight, mainly nutpeddle and wait for a guy to join who is overplaying against nits and doesn't last verry long, the whole thing unibet sells as protecting the rec no longer stands imo, basically unibet is protecting breakeven ish nits and whenever a rec joins he runs into the nuts sooner or later. I would really love to see a cash game variant where you simply won't do well if you don't fight for pots. Personally i would love to play something with deeper stacks and ante/straddle.
  9. @XY the way you phrased your question, since software interacting with unibet is not allowed you can still use screenpresso wich automates making screenshots but you manually make them with the prtsc button... I used to use it - on any pokersite - when i was unsure about a something and I wanted to review it later. you press prtsc click the window or area & voila stored in a folder for you do review. reading this thread @MoreTBC @Stubbe-Unibet can we have stickynotes? i have asked before if i could use a screenmarker to put a simple colored dot on a player and that seemed pretty unclear if it was or wasn't allowed. so then i started using excel/wordpad or pen and paper
  10. Can you rework the mobile client? unibet has a more then perfect poker product to play on mobile and i really think the app should be a showpiece. buttons to choose sizing are way to small, betslider is pretty much useless. i was searching for images to make something in photoshop how i would like it and then i found this, that was so much better. maybe have that bet slider system to the right and the buttons to the left, and a option to swap positions if you are right or left handed. the old layout and buttons where 10x more easy to use then what we have now
  11. https://gyazo.com/9fdf8ceaade5aec79c43a8258cc461f7 or google unibet rakeback and browse the images tab. but yeah the rake might be to high unless you just nit up preflop/ have 3bet only ranges
  12. just add some fun table designs, stripclub, jungle, underwater, ... if all the table designs would really really bother people then it is not that big off a deal for them to photoshop something and paste it over the images in the appdata folder.
  13. pretty much what argevolen said you average about 5.5 hands per flop you play wich you can check in the client
  14. @JeppeL is it possible to solve and browse/study PIOsolver while playing on unibet? I have a bunch of tedious work to do like saving 100's of 2-4GB tree's into smaller files so it loads faster when i want to study. It would be top notch if it is allowed so i can have something usefull on the side while grinding instead off watching youtube/ social media etc... i don't see the advantage off using it while playing as it is mainly a study tool to improve my understanding off poker in my head. I guess it is OK to use and I hope you give me the green light, since i have to remind you one could easyly bypass this by just having 2 computers and having acces to this money printing easylife machine anyways Kappa
  15. I don't see a "reg" vs "reg" battle a bad thing, one will always win untill indeed both lose due to rake. What i don't like is with the current 3x avatar change a day when i sit down i am forced to watch how people play the first few orbits. imo people can change avatars to frequently, and always sitting down vs randoms creates this tight boring gameplay.
  16. No serious, why is 50bb stacks a thing? No i did not lose several stacks vs shortstackers i would just rather not have them around. :haha: Also would it be possible for the community to post suggestions on a subforum where the unibet team can pick out a few, wich could quarterly get polled and the best suggestions eventually implemented into the client? Example Suggestion: the winner of the quarterly poll can get a custom avatar.
  17. alright was expecting that, no worries then :)
  18. Mhmm notepad would take up considerable amount of time however, therefore i would like to use excel if it is allowed.
  19. hello, I was wondering if any of you guys make effort to take notes on players? @JeppeL I reckon software as screenmarker to write on your screen is probally not allowed? as i have asked that in the past on 2+2 and believe that is a no. Also to what extend am i allowed to use excel? i have something in mind like writing a few simple assumptions that i will make column of and tick boxes e.g. tight, does not defend blinds, misses valuebets allot, ... . I am probally allowed do anything but create a hud? wich would be a ridiculous process anyway.
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