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Banzai &*%$# grrrr


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Maybe it would be better to open this topic in the idea section, but i dont think beside the new schedule, Banzai is a priority at the moment for the management, and i dont think even the players play too much of Banzai, so i just place it here.

First of all: This type of game is a typical donkfest, but i agree is good for having fun (fun only if people dont win continously w their shoved 58o and co.). So its a good thing to have it in the client. 

I guess i received a Banzai ticket like a week ago from the challenge points. So i started to wager this 3 euro tikiet. My problems during wagering:

- when i saw fisrt that i have to see 350 flops to finish the "mission", i thought its a bug :laugh: Than i realised its not at all. It means that you have to go allin like 250 times at least. In my opinion thats a lot, here with mostly 10 BB you cant really raise, or reraise, allin or fold. Now i play Banzai for a few days. Not much, yesterday was the most, like 120 flops, but after few days i really get annoyed, bored, and sick of this game. I know one flop can save the tikiet for another 7 days, but to play a month for 3 euros is also funny. So i think 350 at Banzai is really way more than normal.

- i use to double, triple up at least, than leave the table. At cashgames thats easy, i can get back with the buyin i want, but here if i open a table again, i have to sit back with the same amount i left the table with. Why the difference between Banzai and CG? I found out if i open a second table, i can play again w the minimum buyin 1 euro, and i can close the first one w (lets say) 3 euro. But sometimes there are not enough people playing, and i have to wait one hour to sit back w the minimum... Thats not normal either. :puking:

I dont really complaint, but i really find these two points annoying. And its not because im salty, just saying 😃


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Not sitting with the minimum every time would help you play more postflop pots, but I do agree that the 350 flops in banzai is huge, on the other hand the rake is lower than normal cash games , but this ticket is part of the rakeback system so maybe these ones shouln't have such huge requirements. 

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