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Road to tickets


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So, I'm just going to shove all-in every hand in 2€ SnG everynight until this campaign is over, and report here. Let's see how it goes :D Wish my opponents GL! :happy:


edit: so it is 5 x 2€ sng for me every night and i'm gonna report the results here. i already did this the last 3 nights and so far we're about break even. If I come across some funny situation I will post. Wish me bad luck, because that's what I deserve.

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Lol, played those that way too cause wanted to get rid of every SnG challenge as soon as possible :laugh:
One time I played like 20 hands against a poor fellow, who's pokerstrategies flew right out the window, and he started to fold everything except aces. Feels bad for him :happyshy:

GL with your flips, blame UB for putting those "challenges" on your way :laugh:

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@jonny2192 wrote:

@LCW wrote:

Today won 2 out of 5. Clearly there are others using the same strat as me

Shoving all in every hand is not a strategy, well it is if your aim is to lose all your money 😏

I'd say you could call it a strategy, albeit not a very good one. Perhaps only second to folding every hand as far as worst strategies go. But never mind calling this a strategy, think of it as an experiment. What I meant to point out in my previous post was that it seemed to me that a lot of people are just going all-in every hand, or nearly every hand - nevertheless playing very poorly especially right after the date changes, assumably trying to collect the tickets, so a very good spot to play against people like me/them that time of the night at 2€ sng's if anybody is looking for some extra value.

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Think everyones been following your game plan.
First 3 games were all in everyhand by opponents.
I won them three.
So my next two games were all in each hand by me(well the good ones at least cant bring myself to open shove stuff like 72o etc )
I won them 2

Thats my 5/5 night dreading the 0/5 night but I am up a few euros now over the 7 nights I have played.

Good luck tonight.


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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