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  1. 1 x 2 2.80 3.05 3.00 x 1 x 2 1.80 3.40 5.75 x 1 x 2 1.40 4.80 10.00 x
  2. 23 shots vs 1 shot for finns. The game should have been canceled. Danish players thoughts was at the dramă that happend
  3. Belgium vs. Russia 1 x 2 2.02 3.45 4.55 1 Denmark vs. Finland 1 x 2 1.34 5.10 11.50 1 England vs. Croatia 1 x 2 1.65 3.90 6.20 x Austria vs. North Macedonia 1 x 2 1.75 3.50 6.00 1 Netherlands vs. Ukraine 1 x 2 1.68 3.85 5.90 1
  4. This îs the promo,4-9 june.It says play 100 Ron in casino,but LV agent told me that the 100ron stake has to be per spin. I'm not moaning about those freebets,but feels cheated, after playing in casino for the promo,anyways @Jami-Unibet
  5. Like I said above the promotion is gone,this situation was last week,but I didn't bothered to write cause I was busy and also forgot about it. Saw Sparrow's post and I remembered it,don't have any links
  6. @Jami-Unibet For sure it's not a translation error. It said bet 100 ron -20euro in casino,the bet must be 100ron. But thats the issue the amount of money to be spend it was per spin,that thing wasn't ,mentioned. The LV agent said clear that I have to bet 100ron on a single spin. After playing abot 30-40 euros nothing recived,so the LV agent was right. But the funny thing was that the agent closed the chat window right away after i have mentioned the Gaming authority.And another funny thing this promo isn't available on romanian market
  7. If IT îs the promotion with 4 freebets for the Euro,also in Romanian market,the this îs a darstadlly promotion. IT says spend X amount in casino. but in reality You have to bet about 20euro per spin(for Romanian market) 20 euro îs quite huge per spin. Actualul just checked the promotion and it's gone after i told the live chat that I will contact the Gaming Authority
  8. @Stubbe-Unibet Played Blood Suckers in VladCasino and I hit 3 coffins but the bonus game didn't showed up,tried it in unibet.com and in fun mode and it worked. What seems to be the probleme?
  9. Get the fck off with this RNG All in with 10 3 gets flush In omaha the other guy gets the right card Incredible
  10. Pretty hard to predict the winner,becxause you have to look out for country alliance votes,for ex scandinavian countries will vote their neighbours, but I think Italy will win cause they also have a lot of "friendly" voters
  11. Spoken with LV and resolved it
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