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  1. there is no way this soft is random,no fkin way ,most of the times higher in chips gets the nod so the game will finish faster
  2. Fckin Unibet variance,this soft doesn't have anything to do with poker. It's all about been tilt or not,no wonder the player volume went really down in the platform 10 e hexa On the flop 33 guy went all in, snapcall I would do the same,but getting the J in the River Wtf higher in chips must win Went all in with 1010 again snapcall nu villain,fullhouse TIme îs Money,the more You play the more they earn
  3. and again,UNREAL this guy went all in with any 2,looks like Unibet entered some script or something to break the bigger pairs cause most of the times pairs like AA KK QQ are losing the all ins SKY HIGH VARIANCE
  4. the most RIGGED RNG poker product of all. Favorising the highest chips and the most stupid ones in order to finish faster and play more and more raised 3 bet,the donk called. raised again,another insane call. went all in,why not? and there you go... who the fck plays like that. This is not poker anymore here at UNIBET, it is only about beeing tilt or not. if your account is on "hot run" any 2 cards are 100% winners
  5. @Stubbe-Unibet the paid places projection from romanian cup seems to be wrong,first place 1900e and the rest 10 euro tickets,will it be changed?
  6. BRUSH your Teeth more OFTEN
  7. Awufull situation on unibet's behalf,had 3 correct answers with today's predicții,but IT shows only 1 correct. The Heindrich/Verge beach volleyball looks to be forgoten. It's like Unibet îs sabotaging themselfs. If I was the CEO of Unibet I would fire a lot of people
  8. @psrquack I have 2 days in row too,was wondering how some users have 3 days. Some of the markets had Italy vs Canada ,some not. Unfair a little but,what can you do Bounce competition îs one of the best on betting market. But somehow Unibet manages to fk it up
  9. Looks like Streakr îs not the same for everyone. I couldn't find Italy vs Canada.
  10. Of course for Romanian market doesn't exist...
  11. Can I have only poker points instead of bingo and slota?
  12. Winner: Italy BTTS: Yes Total goals by Italy: over 1.5 Total goals by England: over 1.5 Total corners by Italy: over 3.5 Total corners by England: over 4.5 Immobile to: to score Kane to: to score
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