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AK loses everytime


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I noticed when ur heads up on a sng game and u have 10 or 13 blinds left its imposible to win with AKs or Ako :))))) haha its very funny,happens to me everytime lol,I go all in preflop with AK villan calls with A8o or even a worse card and wins :))) EVERY SINGLE TIME! its impossible:))))))

and the odds tell something else :)) maybe its just in my mind but i start to think its not.

How often this happens to you guys on this platform?:)) (no hate I love this platform)

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It happens on every platform ;) And I have it with any paired hand aswell ;)

Butttttt, it's not :p It's just because those cards are good and look pretty that you focus your attention on them when losing. You'd probably win with them far more times, but that's something that dissapears from your mind because it's obvious ;)

Hope this explains it a bit :)

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A,K is the nicest looking non made hand. It's very tempting to get it all in, but I recommend putting in a raise & if you get reraised then call and analyze the situation on the flop.
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Sometime the online poker contradict the mathematic )))) ..but thats it .(only game)..((.I lose 2 times with pocketA and with any monster hand,but i win with crap hands..a little bit wird but ....again...id only the game
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AKo vs A8o
AKo has 73.94% equity.
A8 off has 26.06% equity.

Long story short, in the long run you will win. Dont get on tilt because you lose a few times. If you got it in with the better hand, move on. You will win sooner or later. :)

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