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General Poker

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Poker From Indonesia

Hello, it is legal to play Unibet poker from Indonesia or no?  Because the apps, do not work, only browser version. And I lost due Unibet disconnections 2 hexapro games, 1x10 1x5, when Internet was OK, but Unibet access was restricted during the game 🙂

lahm By lahm

Promotion and Bonus Help

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I met the qualifying bet

I signed up for the place £10 get £30 in football bets and £10 casino. 
I placed a football net over 1/1 odds - I revived my casino £10 but not my £30 free bets! 

SamuelB07 By SamuelB07

Betting and Sports

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Best in x-mas? 4 rounds of pl within little over a week :) Kick off will be Arsenal - Liverpool on friday. Pretty hard to predict, either winner or goals. Over 2,5 odds so low that i´ll pass that, rather would go under as both have been good in defence lately. But then again it could turn out to be goal fest too like it often has been with these two. Hard, so hard :D Anyways, lots of matches to come and i bet we see lots of surprises too just for amount of games in that short period. Lets see if i can turn them surprises to money :)

Livertool By Livertool

General Poker

4 replies

February missions

Done all the missions for February in 3 days and 1/2 hour gotta be the first one to do that surely? let me know if you beat me!

penguin50 By penguin50

Promotion and Bonus Help

1 reply

My bonus rewards haven’t been given to me

Hi all,   I signed up and used the ‘money back up to €40’ bonus. I verified my account and everything before placing a bet. I bet on esports (€35) on odds of 2x and lost. The bonus says that I get my stake back if I lose (I’m assuming for the first bet, which this is). Anyway, I haven’t got my stake back and the live chat support isn’t working.   Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

Andrew4712 By Andrew4712

General Poker

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New MTT Schedule Bug Hunt

Hi Everyone, I'm currently busy creating all the templates for the new MTT schedule that'll launch on October 24th and I'm going to be honest, it's a time consuming and mind-numbing task. This means I'll undoubtable make a mistake or two in the setups.. which is where you come in. For every "bug" you find and post here in on the community I'll give you 1x €5 Major ticket (T&Cs apply) What constitutes a bug? Typos - Descriptions that reference incorrect ticket values and things like that. Filter issues - Tournaments not appearing in the correct filters. For the time ones 0-4min = Hyper, 5-6min = Turbo, 7-9min = Normal, 10+min = Slow. Variable level time MTT (Like the Banzai ones and qualifiers) are excluded. Buy-in/Rake issues* Ticket issues - Tickets from the old schedule not working in the new one or having no targets** Old tournaments still in the client*** * Rake for the Supermoon/Unibet Live tree will be updated during next week so the bug hunt for them starts on October 31st. ** Tickets will be updated at the start of next week, so the bug hunt on them begins October 26th. *** Bug hunt for old tournaments begins Oct 25th Reporting a bug Only screenshots of the individual MTT lobby/ticket (after you've clicked on it) with the issue or the full name of the MTT, including start time (add timezone) and buy-in for filter issues will be accepted. Happy hunting! General Terms and Conditions Promotion runs from October 20th 2022 00:00 CEST to November 27th 23:59  Customers from BE/DK/NL/SE are ineligible to take part in this promotion Tickets will be credited within 3 working days Tickets are not transferable or exchangeable In case of a dispute, the decision of any Unibet employee will be final. Unibet General Terms and Conditions apply.

Andy-Unibet By Andy-Unibet
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