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Ice Hockey World Championships Fantasy

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This years championships will start next Friday, 12th of May and IIHF have again put up their nice fantasy game for the tournament.

Prizes have actually gone up, with 5k for the winner, 2,5k for the runner up and 1k for 3rd place finisher. Also some Tissot watches and packages for this years final and next years tournament are up for grabs, along with some other prizes. Pretty nice, I would say 🙂👍

Game rules and the points scoring seem unchanged from how it's been on previous editions.


Here is an invitation link to the Community private league: https://fantasy.iihf.com/leagues/join/K39DYCCD


Team rosters are understandably not up yet, but should be there on Thursday. Doesn't hurt to join the league now already though, so I can remind everyone that have joined it, once we are able to pick our players for the first matchday.


I'm tagging the people that played this last year here....

@Livertool @tinkeri @Jami-Unibet @Pionrj @Karmasuper @FaiDeaEmo @FunckyFish

......but everyone is of course welcome to join the fun 🙂👍


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Team rosters have been added now 🥳

I just took a closer look at team Finland, and it is spot on correct, so I assume everything else is also fine already.

Make sure to join before the first matches ( tomorrow Friday at 15:20 CEST )

Good luck everyone! 🙂👍


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Looks alright 👍

I would make Weeger the captain though. He has scored really well. Sadly I have already used him 3 times 😕

I feel that Denmark - Sweden could be a really close game. I will probably not have anyone from that.

I will probably pick someone from Austria and maybe someone from Kazakshtan also since KAZ vs SVN is totally meaningless for both teams, so hopefully there'll might be plenty of goals there...🤔

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1 hour ago, Karmasuper said:

Purps,we have to risk-1 player(hopefully star player) from every today game.

Yeah. What a horrible day yesterday. I only scored 1 point ( my Austrian captain scored -6 points😡 )


It was a rough one for others also, so only dropped some 25 places in ranking, but with 40 points behind the current 3rd place holder and just 4 days of competition left, some risks need to be taken indeed... 😕👍

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