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Hello people, 

I have been using a small 1600x900 res. monitor and it runs 6 tables without a problem. However when I switch to 9 tables, they're not full size and I am forced to click on each one individually in order to play my hand.

I'm going to buy a new monitor, so I can play 9 tables without a problem.

The one I've got in mind is - " LED TN Lenovo C22-25, 21.5", 75Hz, Full HD " 1920x1080 resolution.

Can any of you tech guys let me know whether it would fit 9 tables full size? And if not please recommend a decent monitor that would.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Not sure about the screensize need in general, but a high res 2k-4k will do fine in order to arrange multiple tables on screen without issues. If you want to squeeze eyes always and wonder about headaches after some time, get a small screen below 22". If you get a huge screen like cheap 4kTV as your main screen to play poker, you gonna have to scale things down from the settings of PC anyway. Refresh-rate is good for the eyes, but that's kinda debatable depending on the time in front of screen you plan to spend from here to eternity. 
If it's only poker+some other stuff, budget 4k cheap TV screen in comparison can never go wrong if only your laptop/pc has the power to run it, 2k <27" works also for the tables not overlapping and still being enjoyable to use.. but that's just one opinion so up to debate :D

55 minutes ago, NutsCracker said:

whether it would fit 9 tables full size

ye, it should work, don't count on me on that solely, tho.
Some rumors say that the table sizes are possibly going to be changed to more square shape, but the more resolution the better future-wise 

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