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General Poker

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Got banned for using 3rd party software, which i was told by support i can use, and didnt use it almost a year

Try to log in today, said access was denied and to contact support. Opened live chat (Chat ID: 5844063) and after answering security questions got an reply: We sent you an email on 25 November regarding the block on poker on your account, Did you read it? After a few minutes, when she pasted the email in the chat i figured the email the lady was referring to was sent over a year ago:   date: Nov 25, 2022, 3:48 PM subject: Unibet -Poker query [Incident: 221117-002057]   We are contacting you back regarding your Poker query.   Please find the reply from the relevant team below:   3rd party software use is prohibited with the Unibet poker client" is the official line and what's in the T&Cs but as the customer mentioned, we're more lenient in terms of enforcing this when it comes to software that is just used for table management and specifically the moving and resizing of tables. The customer is ok to use the software for the function they're suggesting but they must be made aware that although we're not actively pursuing anyone using 3rd party software for table management, this may change in future but we'll notify them if this is the case so that can make changes pro-actively. If the customer is found to be using features of 3rd party tools outside basic table movement and resizing then we may enforce the "no 3rd party rule.   At the time i played on multiple sites and read in the community forums that using 3rd party software for moving and resizing tables is ok.  Just to be sure i sent and email and got the reply above (a year ago) So i used stackandtile for a few weeks and decided to drop the other sites and play on unibet only, and stoped using SAT. That was december of last year/january this year iirc.   Note that when i started playing on unibet only, i didnt have opened any other programs besides unibet and firefox for music on youtube and im pretty sure you track this all the time. Also from the email above: "this may change in future but we'll notify them if this is the case so that can make changes pro-actively" But once again i didnt use it for almost a year. That makes this even more ridiculous.   So why now, after i didnt use the software for almost a year, a software you specifically told me i can use, and when i used it i did exactly as you required, i got a ban with that explanation. So i kindly ask you to consider all the facts stated here, to check my logs for using 3rd party software and to please change the decision that im banned from playing poker. Thank you   __________________________________________________________ Sent this to support with hope that i would get some more help and get unbaned. Honestly shocked with the the ban and the reason, like someone accidentally clicked the ban on my account and well here is an email from a year ago couse there is no other explanaion...... If any rep could help and point someone from the security department to the thread would be really thankful Also if anyone still uses jurojin, SAT or any other software for table management you should stop.

Bla361 By Bla361

Release notes

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Poker Release Notes 3.31

Previous release notes can be found here. Release date: 21st November
Next release: 12th December 🎅 🎄 'Tis the season to be shuffling! Get ready to unwrap a deck of joy and festivities as we present the merriest poker software release of the year! 🎄🎅 While not the biggest in features, we've unwrapped a snug package 🎁 of joy with a sleigh-full of delightful Xmas promotions. Promotions Still running/upcoming from previous release(s): Winter Bootcamp, 6th Nov – 10th Dec November Monthly Mission Included in this release: 31 Days of X-mas, 1st Dec – 31st Dec Santa Flips, 1st Dec – 31st Dec Festive MTT series, 10th Dec – 17th Dec Coming in next release (preliminary): Time based jackpots, 17th Dec – 1st Jan XP Race, 1st Jan – 5th Feb (5 weeks)  Banzai Flips, 15th Jan – 18th Feb (5 weeks) Slobberknocker MTT series, 7th Jan – 14th Jan January Monthly Mission
  New features/Improvements New "gif" chat reactions Community Xmas avatar Prize Drop improvements. We have improved the Prize Drop animation and promo view. For the animation part, the actual box and the reveal animation is new, cardboard box for regular PD and a wrapped gift box for the anniversary version.  BoxDrop_Balloon_4_confetti3 (1) (1).webm   31 days of Xmas visual promo improvements.
  Bug fixes Fixed issue where Win 7 and Win 8 users couldn´t use client after October release.  Downtime  We are updating Unibet Poker server side on Tuesday 21/11/2023 05:00-06:00 UTC. Games will be paused during update. New SNG tournament creation disabled 1 hour before update. Update may be finished earlier

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Betting and Sports

3,371 replies

Stubbe's Bundesliga Corner

It all started back in the 2000/2001 season, when the Danish forward Ebbe Sand had a fantastic season at Schalke 04. My interest was aroused; I read a lot about Schalke and the Bundesliga, and I started watching a lot of games as well. It didn't take long, before I was hooked - I had become a Bundesliga junkie. In the years to come, I'd spend countless hours in front of the tv and computer, watching and analyzing games, reading Bundesliga news etc. The number of Schalke matches I've missed in the last 2 years, can be counted on one hand, and I've obviously been to Gelsenkirchen a few times as well. About 5-6 years ago I started betting on the Bundesliga. I got off to a less than optimal start, but I learned a lot and my game slowly improved. A few years later I had my own Bundesliga betting blog with a ROI of +10, and I was also a Bundesliga expert at the largest Danish betting community for a short while. When I started working for Unibet, I didn't feel like I had the time to bet seriously anymore, and for almost a year, I didn't place a single bet. Today I'm only betting for the entertainment, but I like to believe, that I've still got the ability to spot a bet with value. I'm going to challenge myself, and will post a few Bundesliga bets every week, with the goal of creating a small profit. I'll keep score of the bets in this post. As there's quite a long time till the next Bundesliga game, I'll temporarily be using this thread to share my view on transfers, season bets and anything Bundesliga, that I find interesting. EDIT: now that we've got the new emoticons implemented, I'll start using a money bag scale to indicate the value. This info will be added to the heading of each bet. :cash: = 100-103.9 BV
:cash::cash: = 104-106.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash: = 107-109.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash::cash:= 110-112.9
:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: = >112.9
An Excel sheet with all bets can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03gzxjg595t8ybd/Bundesliga_Corner_Stubbe.xlsx?dl=0

BonusPater By BonusPater

General Poker

36 replies

Community League - Xmas 2023

December is approaching and it's time for a community celebration! December is a month of hygge and giving, and the league will reflect just that. Gone are the leaderboard prizes (except the avatar) and grind. Instead, we'll do random participation presents and just one daily tournament from the 1st to 25th of December. Participation presents: Every day, once late registration of the daily tournament has closed, we'll be picking two registered players at random, to receive a €50 HexaPro ticket! The winners will be posted here on the community.
For this raffle, it does not matter when you bust. You can not get more than one raffle token per tournament (rebuy will not grant an additional one).  For chat during tournaments, head over to Discord: https://discord.gg/mKrgJxDH6P. Remember to play with your community alias, in order to qualify for participation presents. Schedule Buyin is €5 in every tournament with one re-entry being allowed. All tournaments - including the qualifier flips - will be password protected. Passwords are just below the schedule in this post. Passwords Password for all flip qualifiers is: cheapticket
Password for all PKO tournaments: xmasspirit Super Flip Qualifier 10 minutes before each tournament there will be a 5 ticket flip qualifier with a buyin of just 5 cents! OVERLAY ALERT!
The tickets won in these qualifiers can only be used in community league events. Avatars All tournament winners will automatically get this avatar: Top 15 on the leaderboard will also receive a new and exclusive "Xmas Community League" avatar: Leaderboard The leaderboard is simply based on total amount of money won in the community league tournaments (bounties included). Leaderboard will be updated in this thread. Top 15 on the leaderboard will get the xmas shark avatar.   Terms & Conditions Players from Sweden, Belgium and Denmark can not win the participation presents Players from Netherlands (only age 24+ are eligible for added value) will need to opt-in in by using the poll at the top of the post. We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers from this promotion General Unibet terms and conditions apply

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

34 replies

Christmas Missions.

It looks like a busy month ahead with a new Community League, another tournament series and the daily missions.  I haven't played the missions since the last World Cup so as it's the season of goodwill it may be time to put some of my BP's into action and donate some Cash to the Community (sounds like a project.) I'm not saying I will do them all, some of the monthly ones these days look terrifying to me, but I'll give them a go. Hopefully daily updates so anyone intending to do the same is welcome to join in.


Casino & Live Casino

1 reply

Free spins

So i completed the bonuses and it told me 200 free spins and 30 euro free bet but i couldnt find them. Any help please ?

Zaccyboi By Zaccyboi
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