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Never give up!

New blogūüėÉ New try¬†ūüėÉ New era¬†ūüėÉ Maybe this blog will bring me luck and bring back patience¬†ūüėÉ DAY 1
Starting Bankroll:
Cash: ‚ā¨0.00
CP: 12050 (next level 12500)
Freerolls: ‚ā¨1000 GTD Mission Special Ticket!¬†
BP: 19

Merenitsu By Merenitsu

Off topic

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Music clips

nice to hear you :) , paste your favourite clips or what you listening now

Ja-z-Polszy By Ja-z-Polszy

General Poker

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The poker chit chat

This topic is for all your everyday small poker conversations :) Post here if you're playing a Unibet tournament or cash game and want to know if other community members are playing the same, or if you'd just like to know what other players are up to on any given day :) As requested by you - the community - in this suggestion thread, the topic will always appear at the top of the poker page. We hope you'll find it useful and that you'll enjoy hanging out :)

JeppeL By JeppeL

General Poker

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Monthly Community Poker Challenges (January & February)

Take on your fellow community members in an epic battle to become the Challenges Champion. We're throwing in bonus point prizes worth hundreds of Euros every month and you can win your share regardless of whether you play HexaPro, regular SNG's, cash game or MTT's. Let the fun begin! What can I win? The challenges are divided into four different segments with each segment offering different prizes: Platinum¬†challenges: 4000 bonus points (unless different amount specified next to mission) Gold¬†challenges: 2000 bonus points (unless different amount specified next to mission) Silver¬†challenges: 1000 bonus points (unless different amount specified next to mission) Bronze¬†challenges: 500 bonus points (unless different amount specified next to mission) In addition to the above, there's also a prizepool of ‚ā¨150 in BP for all members that complete 3 or more of the platinum challenges - here you don't need to be first. The prizepool will be shared equally at the end of the promo.¬† There'll also be community "recognition" for the most prizes claimed in each category.¬†@Jami-Unibet¬†will post more about this later. How does it work? Simply post a screenshot in this thread and specify which challenge you believe you're the first to complete (only the first to complete a challenge will get a prize).
You can only win 1 prize per screenshot/hand/table session. For MTT's, only one prize per tournament.
Unless otherwise specified, MTT freerolls aren't eligible for other prizes but the bronze ones. January/February challenges Platinum (‚ā¨480 total) Reach 2000 big blinds at a cash game table¬† Reach 400 big blinds at a Banzai cash game table Win a 100x HexaPro game (Jackpot Mania starting in February) Get into a 1000x HexaPro game (‚ā¨100 prize if you finish 3rd, ‚ā¨50 for 2nd or 1st) Win a 750+ big blind pot in cash game Win 8 HexaPro tournaments in a row (gamelab screenshot) Get a multiplier of 3 or higher in the last 7 of 8 games (gamelab screenshot) Lose a hand at showdown with a KKKQQ¬†full house or better (at least two hole cards used) Win an MTT with at least 100 runners¬† Get a royal flush¬†(NLHE only) 5 seat SNG's; win 7 in a row Final table a bounty MTT (at least 80 runners) without winning a single bounty Gold (‚ā¨200 total) Get 8 1.5x multipliers in a row in HexaPro (gamelab screenshot) Get a straight flush at a cash game table¬†(NLHE only) Reach 1000 big blinds at a cash game table¬† Reach 200 big blinds at a Banzai cash game table Get into a 100x HexaPro game 5 seat SNG's; win 4 in a row (by start time) HU SNG: win 8 in a row¬†(by start time) Final table the Supernova or Supermoon Win four hands with pocket aces in HexaPro Be dealt 4 cards of same value in PLO cash game (e.g.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†) Silver - Silver tasks are weekly Week 1 (starting 17th Jan) Get dealt the same hand twice in a row (also same suit), at same table Lose 3 hands at showdown with pocket aces¬† Win 3 cash game hands (at least 5 players sitting in) by getting everyone to fold to a min raise when UTG) Win two hands at showdown with 72 as your hole cards Win a hand at showdown against the duck avatar (HexaPro and cash game only) Win a hand at showdown against the ninja penguin avatar (HexaPro and cash game only) Win 10 tickets in 10 flip qualifiers Week 2 (starting 25th Jan) TBC Week 3 (starting 31st Jan) TBC Week 4 (starting 7th Feb) TBC Week 5 (starting 14th Feb) TBC Week 6 (starting 21st Feb) TBC Bronze (MTT freeroll prizes, ‚ā¨40 total) Win a freeroll (you'll need to be the only one still with chips) Final table a freeroll Be all-in a hand together with at least 4 other players Get four of a kind (NLHE only) Get a straight flush¬†(NLHE only) Lose a preflop allin where you were favorite (90+%) Be the first to bust and not in the same hand as other player(s) - you'll need to have the highest number in the finishing position column with no other players with the same number Lose a hand at a final table with either pocket kings or aces Terms & Conditions Prizes are paid within 96 hours of the screenshot being posted in the thread All prizes are paid in bonuspoints You can only win 1 prize per screenshot/hand/table session. For MTT's, only one prize per tournament Unless otherwise specified, MTT freerolls aren't eligible for other prizes than the bronze ones Customers from Denmark, Sweden and Belgium are excluded from this promotion The promotion runs from the 17th of January until the 28th of February. Screenshots taken outside of this period aren't eligible and for game lab screenshots the respective tournaments/hands have to be from within the promo period. New weeks starts at 00:00 UTC We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time. General Unibet terms and conditions apply.

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

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These Are the Voyages...

Hi folks. Haven't been playing poker a lot during COVID due to some major obstacles, but getting back to it. Last year just 124h of poker and 445 MTTs (probably less than any year since I started playing around 2005) for some minor profit. Made over 60k‚ā¨ from casino and sportsbook stuff though (concentrated more on those, as they don't require as much concentration and effort). Week ago played and got a little trophy: Yesterday woke up 8 PM, decided to jump right at the deep end (playing 50 R/A's too) and got 2nd place from Odyssey. Would've been fun to start this with trophy pics (also was like 6th at Gorsky) but better than nothing: Playing on other sites too, but naturally gonna concentrate on Unibet stuff here. Streaming in Finnish occasionally too (I usually check if there's some other Finnish poker streamer streaming and if not, might launch one myself) so feel free to join:¬†https://www.twitch.tv/farseerfinland You'll probably see me around at R/A's from 5‚ā¨ R/A to higher levels. Those are only MTTs I am currently playing (I like Banzai Bounties too, but too bad there's no offering of that at buy-in levels 5‚ā¨ up when I am playing).¬†Might change a nick though... haven't decided yet if it makes more good or bad ūüėĄ Been keeping same nick in case I participate on some community promos so I don't forget to change my nick back.

Farseer By Farseer

Betting and Sports

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Bet of the week

What about new rubric-Bet of the week(biggest odds win ,minimum bet 1 euro)

Karmasuper By Karmasuper
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