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Betting and Sports

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Stubbe's Bundesliga Corner

It all started back in the 2000/2001 season, when the Danish forward Ebbe Sand had a fantastic season at Schalke 04. My interest was aroused; I read a lot about Schalke and the Bundesliga, and I started watching a lot of games as well. It didn't take long, before I was hooked - I had become a Bundesliga junkie. In the years to come, I'd spend countless hours in front of the tv and computer, watching and analyzing games, reading Bundesliga news etc. The number of Schalke matches I've missed in the last 2 years, can be counted on one hand, and I've obviously been to Gelsenkirchen a few times as well. About 5-6 years ago I started betting on the Bundesliga. I got off to a less than optimal start, but I learned a lot and my game slowly improved. A few years later I had my own Bundesliga betting blog with a ROI of +10, and I was also a Bundesliga expert at the largest Danish betting community for a short while. When I started working for Unibet, I didn't feel like I had the time to bet seriously anymore, and for almost a year, I didn't place a single bet. Today I'm only betting for the entertainment, but I like to believe, that I've still got the ability to spot a bet with value. I'm going to challenge myself, and will post a few Bundesliga bets every week, with the goal of creating a small profit. I'll keep score of the bets in this post. As there's quite a long time till the next Bundesliga game, I'll temporarily be using this thread to share my view on transfers, season bets and anything Bundesliga, that I find interesting. EDIT: now that we've got the new emoticons implemented, I'll start using a money bag scale to indicate the value. This info will be added to the heading of each bet. :cash: = 100-103.9 BV
:cash::cash: = 104-106.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash: = 107-109.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash::cash:= 110-112.9
:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: = >112.9
An Excel sheet with all bets can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03gzxjg595t8ybd/Bundesliga_Corner_Stubbe.xlsx?dl=0

BonusPater By BonusPater

General Poker

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"Rake x, Get y" bonuses

I've recently received Rake 3600, Get 360 and now I have two Rake 3500, Get 700 bonuses upcoming. On what basis are you giving out these bonuses? This "Rake 3600, Get 360" for example in my case is very hard to complete due to how soon it expires. I wonder if these "Rake 3500, Get 700" bonuses have the same 14 day limit. It is frustrating to have bonuses that you have very slim change completing. Now my bonus queue is full of useless bonuses and I have to use my bonus points to cash game tickets with poorer exchange rate than playtrough bonuses.

chip By chip

Help & Support

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is unibet trying to scam me or what? i clearly won this bet...

jofijego By jofijego

Betting and Sports

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Very weird void from Unibet

would like to know the reason for this void. It was voided 1 hour after the match was complete and the bet was won.  As you see on the screenshot he started the match, played 90 minutes, and fouls=1. 

hja017 By hja017

Account Help

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Account verification

Hello, I am trying to verify account but it states that my account is already verified but I have never sent any documents.   please help

Jaz728287474 By Jaz728287474

Betting and Sports

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vini foul

junior got a foul settled wrong sort it out

louis hendo By louis hendo
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