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Unibet Open

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Live tickets possible to exchange for money?

So have this 50€ ticket for live events I could use to try to get into live events, e.g. like one in Belgium next month if I remember right.  Anyway I have no interest to travel several thousand km, book hotel etc. as those doesn't seem to be included. So I would not mind to get ticket as money or changed into cash game ticket. Probably not possible though? If I remember right I got ticket from quarterly happening freeroll for those who have raked enough.

Ghaleon By Ghaleon

Blogs & Stories

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These Are the Voyages...

Hi folks. Haven't been playing poker a lot during COVID due to some major obstacles, but getting back to it. Last year just 124h of poker and 445 MTTs (probably less than any year since I started playing around 2005) for some minor profit. Made over 60k€ from casino and sportsbook stuff though (concentrated more on those, as they don't require as much concentration and effort). Week ago played and got a little trophy: Yesterday woke up 8 PM, decided to jump right at the deep end (playing 50 R/A's too) and got 2nd place from Odyssey. Would've been fun to start this with trophy pics (also was like 6th at Gorsky) but better than nothing: Playing on other sites too, but naturally gonna concentrate on Unibet stuff here. Streaming in Finnish occasionally too (I usually check if there's some other Finnish poker streamer streaming and if not, might launch one myself) so feel free to join: https://www.twitch.tv/farseerfinland You'll probably see me around at R/A's from 5€ R/A to higher levels. Those are only MTTs I am currently playing (I like Banzai Bounties too, but too bad there's no offering of that at buy-in levels 5€ up when I am playing). Might change a nick though... haven't decided yet if it makes more good or bad 😄 Been keeping same nick in case I participate on some community promos so I don't forget to change my nick back.

Farseer By Farseer

General Poker

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"Rake x, Get y" bonuses

I've recently received Rake 3600, Get 360 and now I have two Rake 3500, Get 700 bonuses upcoming. On what basis are you giving out these bonuses? This "Rake 3600, Get 360" for example in my case is very hard to complete due to how soon it expires. I wonder if these "Rake 3500, Get 700" bonuses have the same 14 day limit. It is frustrating to have bonuses that you have very slim change completing. Now my bonus queue is full of useless bonuses and I have to use my bonus points to cash game tickets with poorer exchange rate than playtrough bonuses.

chip By chip

Community Promotions

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World Championship competition, Monday 5.12

Day 3 of the knockout stage brings us yet another competition! 🏆 For every remaining day of the 2022 FIFA World Cup we will be making picks on a set of questions regarding all the matches of the day. To keep things as simple as possible, we will be using the community poll feature for submitting the picks. Points for correct picks will be based on Unibet sportsbook odds and all the markets will be settled according to the sportsbook rules. You will see the potential points for a correct answer in brackets (...) on every selection. So basically this will be very much like the SuperToto competitions most of us are used to, with the exception that this has a new competition every day, and there will be no overall leaderboard. Opta stats will be used for settling anything regarding player performances.   Prizes for 3 highest daily total points are credited in poker tickets and are as follows: 1st prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket + €25 Majors MTT ticket 2nd prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket + €10 Majors MTT ticket 3rd prize: €50 Majors MTT ticket If two or more players finish in a prize position with the exact same amount of points, ticket prizes will not be divided in any way, but the "first to post"-rule will be used as a tie-breaker, so first to post their picks will always have the advantage over the other one(s).   The poll will automatically close at the time of the first kick-off at 16:00 CET, and you will have no way of submitting your picks after that has happened. So don't leave things too late. I will also be participating despite hosting this and choosing the events, but all the picks are public, so that should hopefully be fine for everyone. Good luck everyone, and if you have any questions, please ask 🙂👍   Terms and conditions Customers from Sweden and Belgium can not take part in this promotion The promotion starts the 25th November 2022 and ends 18th December 2022 Tickets will be credited within 24 hours of the last match of the day ending We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers from this promotion General Unibet terms and conditions apply

Purps By Purps

Promotion and Bonus Help

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World Cup build your bet 25 free spins

Hi does any one recieved 25 free spins for winning daily free build your bet at world cup? I won 75 spins all together but I've not recieved any. Any ideas?

Blob1 By Blob1

Blogs & Stories

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GR1ZZL3R'S Diary Of A Fun Punter

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