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General Poker

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Spring Poker Championships Community bug hunt

New Tournament series, new bug hunt 🙂   €5 SPC ticket per bug found with the added incentive this time, you'll also be added to a raffle for a €100 main event ticket as well. Bug reports need to be submitted by 23:59 CEST on 11/03/2023. There have been some schedule changes from the Google sheet version I posted so in the case of discrepancies, my decision is final 🤠 What constitutes a bug? Typos - Descriptions that reference incorrect ticket values and things like that. Filter issues - Tournaments not appearing in the correct filters. For the time ones 0-4min = Hyper, 5-6min = Turbo, 7-9min = Normal, 10+min = Slow. Variable level time MTT (Like the Banzai ones and qualifiers) are excluded. Buy-in/Rake issues* Ticket issues Reporting a bug Only screenshots of the individual MTT lobby/ticket (after you've clicked on it) with the issue or the full name of the MTT, including start time and buy-in for filter issues will be accepted. Happy hunting! General Terms and Conditions Promotion runs from February 22nd 2023 00:00 CEST to March 12th 2023 23:59 CEST  Customers from BE/DK/NL/SE are ineligible to win rewards as part of this promotion Tickets will be credited within 3 working days Tickets are not transferable or exchangeable The raffle will take place on 12/03/2023 In case of a dispute, the decision of any Unibet employee will be final. Unibet General Terms and Conditions apply.

Andy-Unibet By Andy-Unibet

Poker Help

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Poker client on mobile phone unable to log out.

Hi, Last week I noticed after logging out, the following day I could not play poker since it indicated I had exceeded my daily time limit. Apparently, when I log out and then click on my mobile phone poker client, it logs back in without requesting the log in details. The only solution now is to uninstall the client every time I finish playing and then reinstall it whenever I want to play again. Is there any bug reported on this issue? Thanks.


General Poker

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Can I see anywhere the probabilites of the hexapro extreme multipliers? Thanks

dunnoaboutthat By dunnoaboutthat

Casino & Live Casino

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Problem z wypłatą

Mam  problem z wypłata pieniędzy mam dostępna tylko jedna opcje w której mój numer iban nie działa 

Oskikoskipl By Oskikoskipl

General Poker

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Community League - Spring 2023

The below is a draft. Will update based on your feedback. Will finalize it next week. ---- 32 tournaments, excellent value super flip qualifier, leaderboard prizes, unique community avatar for tournament winners. The spring community league is here! For chat during tournaments, head over to Discord: https://discord.gg/mKrgJxDH6P. Remember to play with your community alias, in order to qualify for leaderboard points and the potential "The Double Jackpot". Schedule Buyin is €5 in every tournament with one re-entry being allowed. All tournaments - including the qualifier flips - will be password protected. Passwords are just below the schedule in this post. Date Time Tournament 04/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PKO 04/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PKO 05/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Hyper 05/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Hyper 06/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PLO 06/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PLO 08/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Turbo 08/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Turbo 11/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Deepstack 11/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Deepstack 12/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PKO 12/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PKO 13/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Hyper 13/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Hyper 15/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PLO 15/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PLO 18/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Turbo 18/02/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Turbo 19/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Deepstack 19/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Deepstack 20/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PKO 20/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PKO 22/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Hyper 22/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Hyper 25/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PLO 25/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PLO 26/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Turbo 26/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Turbo 27/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community Deepstack 27/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community Deepstack 29/04/2023 19:30 CET €300 Community PKO 29/04/2023 20:05 CET €300 Community PKO   Passwords Password for all flip qualifiers is: springshark Passwords week 1: Tuesday: 
Super Flip Qualifier 10 minutes before each tournament there will be a 10 ticket flip qualifier with a buyin of just 5 cents! OVERLAY ALERT!
The tickets won in these qualifiers can only be used in community league events. The Double Jackpot Win both tournaments of the night and we send a €250 Supermoon ticket your way! Avatars All tournament winners will automatically get this handsome avatar: Top 10 on the leaderboard will also receive a new and exclusive "Community League Spring" avatar: xxxx     Leaderboard The leaderboard is simply based on money won in the tournaments. Prizes up for grabs are: 1. €200
2. €150
3. €100
4. €75
5. €50 The prizes are paid in bonus points Terms & Conditions Players from Sweden, Belgium and Denmark can not win leaderboard prizes or the double jackpot Players from Netherlands will need to opt-in in by using the poll feature to vote "Yes" Leaderboard points can only be earned when player uses a poker identity with a name identical or very similar to the community alias "The Double Jackpot" can only be won when player uses a poker identity with a name identical or very similar to the community alias. Leaderboard prize and the double jackpot will be paid within 72 hours We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time We reserve the right to exclude customers from this promotion General Unibet terms and conditions apply

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Account Help

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Poker log in.

I live in Eastern Canada and made a trip to Ontario last week.  I tried to log on but with the Ontario legislation I wasn’t able to as it automatically transferred me to Unibet ca and asked me to register.  I passed. After returning home I am able to log in play casino, sports bet but when I click poker it goes back to the Unibet ca homepage. I am logging in from my phone and don’t have the poker app downloaded and just play in browser if that matters. Thanks

Sect7G By Sect7G
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