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Unibet Open

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Unibet Open Malta 2022: 29th Sept - 2nd Oct

The Unibet Open is Back! Running between the 29th of September and the 2nd of October at the InterContinental Hotel in St. Julians, the return of the Unibet Open promises to be extra special as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Unibet along with the 15th anniversary of the Unibet Open events. You can qualify now for the Unibet Open Malta in the client using the new and simplified 'Unibet Live' qualifier tree. €0/€0.01 -> €0.40 -> €2 -> €10 -> €50 -> €250 -> €2,000 Unibet Open package. The €2,000 package contains your €1,100 buy-in to the Unibet Open main event, 4 nights stay at the 5-star InterContinental Hotel and €250 in spending money. Breakfast and dinner is included as well as the legendary Unibet Open merchandise, welcome drinks and players party. The first €250 final runs on Sunday and they'll continue every Sunday until the 18th of September so you have plenty of chances to win your way to Malta. Keep up with all the latest updates at https://www.unibetopen.com/

Andy-Unibet By Andy-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

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Moving up in HEXAPRO. Starting limit 10eur

Hello, im playing jackpot SNG  for last 4 years and as other poker rooms keep disapointing me with rakeback and other bonus nerfs, i have heard only good words about Unibet, so its time to move all my action here and grind some HEXAPRO. I will keep this blog pretty simple and mainly results oriented. Maybe if something funny happens in my life, i will share too if you are interested 😉 PLAN Move up from 10eur to 25eur limit in first quarter of a year. (1st April). Build bankroll to 5000eur to take 50BI shot in 25eur limit. Play every day 100+ HEXAPROS ( except if i have some relax days (🍻>🥃 >🤮)  with friends  ) Update blog every Monday with proffit/loss and spins played in previous week. Be active in community  START1st January Bankroll: 455eur   Limit: 10eur HEXAPRO Next update: 10th January ( or if i hit something big )   See you at tables! 🤓      

Turbo_Boy By Turbo_Boy

General Poker

2 replies

Poker Tracker 4

Can I use Poker Tracker 4 with Unibet? I know that there is no possibility using HUDs, but I would like using PT4 to evaluate my own game. https://www.pokertracker.com/

Vollum1 By Vollum1

Betting and Sports

2,366 replies

Stubbe's Bundesliga Corner

It all started back in the 2000/2001 season, when the Danish forward Ebbe Sand had a fantastic season at Schalke 04. My interest was aroused; I read a lot about Schalke and the Bundesliga, and I started watching a lot of games as well. It didn't take long, before I was hooked - I had become a Bundesliga junkie. In the years to come, I'd spend countless hours in front of the tv and computer, watching and analyzing games, reading Bundesliga news etc. The number of Schalke matches I've missed in the last 2 years, can be counted on one hand, and I've obviously been to Gelsenkirchen a few times as well. About 5-6 years ago I started betting on the Bundesliga. I got off to a less than optimal start, but I learned a lot and my game slowly improved. A few years later I had my own Bundesliga betting blog with a ROI of +10, and I was also a Bundesliga expert at the largest Danish betting community for a short while. When I started working for Unibet, I didn't feel like I had the time to bet seriously anymore, and for almost a year, I didn't place a single bet. Today I'm only betting for the entertainment, but I like to believe, that I've still got the ability to spot a bet with value. I'm going to challenge myself, and will post a few Bundesliga bets every week, with the goal of creating a small profit. I'll keep score of the bets in this post. As there's quite a long time till the next Bundesliga game, I'll temporarily be using this thread to share my view on transfers, season bets and anything Bundesliga, that I find interesting. EDIT: now that we've got the new emoticons implemented, I'll start using a money bag scale to indicate the value. This info will be added to the heading of each bet. :cash: = 100-103.9 BV
:cash::cash: = 104-106.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash: = 107-109.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash::cash:= 110-112.9
:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: = >112.9
An Excel sheet with all bets can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03gzxjg595t8ybd/Bundesliga_Corner_Stubbe.xlsx?dl=0

BonusPater By BonusPater

Blogs & Stories

2 replies

Return of the Magikarp!

Hello guys long time no see 😃 I am back for a poker grind after months without playing. I am going to be grinding low stakes SNG's and building a ticket roll whilst keeping track of every penny spent! My 'challenge' will begin Sunday once I've thought of some great goals/targets for the next few months Great to be back, hoep you have all been well and looking forward tom seeing a few of you on the felt 😀


Blogs & Stories

363 replies

GR1ZZL3R'S Diary Of A Fun Punter

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