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Vaccine on/vaccine off

I actually find conversation about covid/vaccines quite boring as none knows anothing for certainty, all we have is educated and not so educated guessing. Just wanted to ask this (without derailing buli thread again) will uneffiency of current vaccines against omicron, and if/when it spreads as rapidly warned, be concidered fault of people who haven't got vaccine which are minority or majority who has got shot. Which group is responcible if ICUs get filled up? https://www.ft.com/content/27def1b9-b9c8-47a5-8e06-72e432e0838f

Livertool By Livertool

Betting and Sports

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Stubbe's Bundesliga Corner

It all started back in the 2000/2001 season, when the Danish forward Ebbe Sand had a fantastic season at Schalke 04. My interest was aroused; I read a lot about Schalke and the Bundesliga, and I started watching a lot of games as well. It didn't take long, before I was hooked - I had become a Bundesliga junkie. In the years to come, I'd spend countless hours in front of the tv and computer, watching and analyzing games, reading Bundesliga news etc. The number of Schalke matches I've missed in the last 2 years, can be counted on one hand, and I've obviously been to Gelsenkirchen a few times as well. About 5-6 years ago I started betting on the Bundesliga. I got off to a less than optimal start, but I learned a lot and my game slowly improved. A few years later I had my own Bundesliga betting blog with a ROI of +10, and I was also a Bundesliga expert at the largest Danish betting community for a short while. When I started working for Unibet, I didn't feel like I had the time to bet seriously anymore, and for almost a year, I didn't place a single bet. Today I'm only betting for the entertainment, but I like to believe, that I've still got the ability to spot a bet with value. I'm going to challenge myself, and will post a few Bundesliga bets every week, with the goal of creating a small profit. I'll keep score of the bets in this post. As there's quite a long time till the next Bundesliga game, I'll temporarily be using this thread to share my view on transfers, season bets and anything Bundesliga, that I find interesting. EDIT: now that we've got the new emoticons implemented, I'll start using a money bag scale to indicate the value. This info will be added to the heading of each bet. :cash: = 100-103.9 BV
:cash::cash: = 104-106.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash: = 107-109.9 BV
:cash::cash::cash::cash:= 110-112.9
:cash::cash::cash::cash::cash: = >112.9
An Excel sheet with all bets can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/03gzxjg595t8ybd/Bundesliga_Corner_Stubbe.xlsx?dl=0

BonusPater By BonusPater

General Poker

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Santa Boost - Community Santa with an added boost

As you might have seen, the "Santa Boost" promotion has started today. The promotion will, at random, reward users with either a Santa Flip token or a freeroll ticket, when getting into a 1.5x HexaPro multiplier game - not all 1.5x games will trigger a reward. Santa's favorite boys and girls on the community can secure additional flip tokens this week, by sharing Santa Boost screenshots. Grab a screenshot with Santa on the screen (the envelope is okay as well) and you'll get a token for a community raffle where we'll be giving away: 1st prize: 20 gold tokens
2nd prize: 10 gold tokens
3rd prize: 5 gold tokens
4th and 5th: 2 gold tokens The draw will take place in exactly a week (Wednesday the 8th at 12:00 CET). Each member can earn a maximum of 20 tokens for the draw. Terms and conditions:
- Sweden, Denmark and Belgium are naturally excluded as Santa Boost isn't available for regulatory reasons
- The draw result will be published and tokens will be credited latest 18:00 CET 8th of December
- Only one prize per member (draw for 1st taking place first and winner excluded from following draws)

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

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Chasing UOS treasuries Blog

I decided to write it down. Im not so keen to do it, but I thought, for the sake of activity for Unibet Community, I will. Its not so active forum, before I only visited it when reporting some bug or issue. Its a small number of more active chillers here who have taken the time. But it will be fun.  For recent week, I have only played small and much more casual, since Ive had so many hours in game that it almost feels like burn out. After breaking with a friend, it felt a wise time to take it all off and focus on more purely studing.  I probably play most of the 10s, and some of the 25s and more, depends how the rollercoaster goes. Maybe sat something the higher ones too. I probably wont be taking my time to reg nanos, but who knows. Since BlackFriday took away some of my roll with stuff I bought, I have to be a bit cautious not overloading myself with shots. In General I will documenting game results here.  About some background:  I discovered Poker in the end of 09 or something later. I dont remember the exact date or year. Back the SNGs were a big thing. I have played cash, but quickly realized that its easier to learn from tournaments since you get more hands volume cheaper and lesser losses. Even tho I ended up winning some SNGs and an occasional MTT, I was a loser probably at least 2 years or a bit more. After taking stuff more seriously I started to get things together, but ended up withdrawing too much and not adjusting games after withdrawls. When I got my child, I quited. I hadnt played almost to none, till 2020 May, I started it all over again - it was one of the best decisions of my life. For that on, I have worked my butt off at the tables and my life kinda consists of poker and free days.  Lets see how the UOS goes!

Estzen By Estzen

Community Promotions

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UOS X-MAS PARTY - another community promotion - join Seb's Party

The community league is over, but with the Nordics Cup and the Eastern European Hero tournament, we have another two great MTT-events this Saturday, leading up to the UOS XIV which kicks-off on Sunday. As usual, there will be some great leaderboards available and the winners of the leaderboards will play an exclusive SNG with the poker ambassadors. https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/unibet-online-series I know that grinding for the leaderboards will require lots of time and therefore, I decided to add a special promotion to the UOS XIV (just for the unibet-community) called:  "SEB'S X-MAS PARTY". It will be an exclusive fun tournament which will be played on 15th December 2021 at 19:00 CET. 🎅 How to get invited 🎅 Finish top5 of any UOS event. There are 105 events available. All tiers count (nano, low, mid, high). The Nordics Cup and the Eastern European hero tournament will count as well. 🎅 The prizepool 🎅  The final prizepool will be announced before the tournament (I need to know how many players manage to qualify - but it will be a decent prizepool). All invited players will win a prize and because it is x-mas time, there will be a special top-surprise bounty on my head (+ on the heads of poker team members if they join). I will invite our poker team members (Kat, Andy, Leo, Stubbe, Kris, Jami) - if they join, there will be some great surprise-bounties on them as well. 🎅General information🎅 This is a fun promotion for x-mas. I just wanted to add a promotional part to the UOS XIV for community members. A promotion which doesn't require to play all the events to have a chance on an added prize. All you need is to run hot in one event. 🎅 Further rules 🎅 In order to qualify for any of the added value, you'll need to play with a table alias that is identical or very similar to your community one! If you really want to use a different alias than your community one, you can do it if you communicate your preferred alias before Saturday, 27th November 2021 at 19:00 CET (the kick-off time of the first eligible events). No other exceptions to this rule! Players need to claim their ticket on this thread by posting which event they finished top5. Players from Sweden, Belgium and Denmark are excluded from this promotions.   GL ALL! 

Seb-Unibet By Seb-Unibet

Blogs & Stories

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GR1ZZL3R'S Diary Of A Fun Punter

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