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Casino & Live Casino

10 replies

Mobil internet issue

Relax powered slots don't load in when I use mobil internet, however work well when I'm on wifi. I have no other issue with the mobile net (4G). CS said last wednesday it is an ongoing maintenance, but 1 week passed and nothing changed.  Cleared cookies didn't help. Anyone else with same issue, or any solve?  Maybe some info @Stubbe-Unibet or @Jami-Unibet?

Sparrow473 By Sparrow473

General Poker

0 replies

Can't login

I was in session and desktop app disconnected me and I still can't log in at PC. Fortunately I was able to login on my phone so I saved my chips. I restarted PC and router, any solution idea? Anyone having this issue atm? @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet

SupiDr By SupiDr

Verification Help

16 replies

Proof of wealth!!!

Hello,     Unfortunately my account is frozen for one week now and I need some help with this issue. I need to verify my proof of wealth and I've sent the relevant documents one week ago,in this particular case my bank statements. After contacting Unibet support on email and live chat and ask for the reason that my account is still frozen they stated that my bank statements are not enough as proof of wealth!:wow: What other documents I have to sent if I don't have any other bank accounts or other source of funds other than the ones that Unibet already can see in my bank statements?  After losing £27k in the last 3 months with Unibet this is what I get back....a frozen account with no chance of wining back some of my loses. 😏 Dear Vladimir, Edited by Ray-Unibet


Unibet Open

23 replies

Community freeroll at Unibet Open Malta - Saturday 1st 19:00

Don't know about you guys, but I'm getting ready to put away the jacket for a week and once again throw on the flip-flop attire for Malta! 🌞Just checked the weather forecast and it says 28 degrees 🌡️ , 100% Ciskmidity 🍻 and an 80% risk of run-good 📈. @Andy-Unibet, @Seb-Unibet, @Kris-Unibet and perhaps also @Jami-Unibet will all be joining this time, so don't be shy and reach out to us, if you want to share how much you love the client, DDOS attacks or just want to share a good badbeat story. As in the pre-covid era, we're planning to run a community freeroll with some ticket prizes and mystery bounties on employees - and we'll make sure you won't die of thirst during the tournament. We're planning to start it around Saturday 19:00 and would love to hear who of you can make it! Let us know by commenting in this thread.
We'll likely cap it at 90-120 minutes duration, by doing forced all-ins when the time is up. This way you will have time to get ready for the party or jump into the bounty tournament starting at 20:00. Hope to see many of you there!

Stubbe-Unibet By Stubbe-Unibet

Off topic

160 replies

Do NOT read unless you are finnish

Leave, you are clearly swedish. Still here? I am warning you, you just get upset. 5 freebet for Fin- Swe for fatherday 

Livertool By Livertool

Help & Support

1 reply

Technical error, please try again later - android app

I cannot use Unibet app - it stops working, and I got message - technical error, please try again later.

tom.p By tom.p
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