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the €131.88 Poker Journal


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So yeah... this was long overdue. I should of started when @MoreTBC originally inspired me. Well, better late than never hey. 

You probably wondering about the name of the journal. Now that's a story & a half I'm gonna save for another time. 

Gonna play the €2000 Nebula now under the new management system. We'll see how it goes. Good luck if anyone's joining me. 

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This is what I'm listening to... 



Monday blues for sure ... 

Today is usually the best day of the week for me, but it's overcast & raining this morning & I'm feeling a little blue, so I thought I'd blog for a little while. 

 here is the story of the blogs name... 

A while ago I won €70 in a tourney... I can't remember which one, it was so long ago.

When I first joined Unibet, I tried to draw some funds out of my account & it was such a mission, cause I, unfortunately live in a third world country. So the funds were returned to my Unibet account & from then on, I just didn't even bother with withdrawing funds. If I did win any money, I would squander it on Bingo & poker. Easy come easy go, in my mind & it was free cash anyways I thought. So the same thing happened with the €70... I played a little poker & some bingo & managed a win in the bingo of about another €70. Then I played a little poker and my balance was eventually €131.88. At this time,  my cash flow was a little low & I happened to read somewhere that you can withdraw all your funds out of your Unibet account, if you want to, & I thought, you know what... I could use some cash right about now. So I went onto the Unibet site & saw that you can withdraw straight to your phone. I tried calling the number to activate it, but there was no love, so I contact support who informed me that, that option was no longer available, but that I can withdraw straight to my bank account. I then went through the stages of withdrawing the €131.88. This was on the 21st of July. Then a long time went by & the funds did not reflect in my bank account. I then contacted support again who informed me that I used the wrong swift code... Lol. So the money was reversed and we tried again with the right bank code. Then some time went by & the funds still did not reflect. I called the bank who were full of it & would not clear the funds. (all I'm going to say about that, is that our country is filled with incompetent employees who have no clue what they doing in there job & that there is still a lot of racial tension that is still lingering & frankly I'm so tired of it already) so the funds were eventually returned to my Unibet account just recently. Somehow that €131.88 wanted to be bank roll in my Unibet account... Lol. 

So now you know how the name came about. 

Ok... so after blowing a bunch of money on Bingo (partly my GF's fault... Lol & it was heaps of fun) buying in to tourneys that I don't belong in (a €25 & then busting out & rebuying in.. Don't know what I was thinking??? ) & doing my best to finish the missions for the €1000 & €3000 tickes, I now have like €5 left in my account. I know, I know... My bankroll management skills suck... But that's why I started this here Journal. So currently the breakdown is as follows. 

Tickets - 1 x €1000 mission ticket 

Mission status - I've got to play a MTT tomorrow & win 3 hands @ showdown on any NLHE Cash Game to clear my €3000 mission ticket. 

Account Balance - €4.69

So yeah... funny month so far Octobers been. I decided two things for this month. Serious, serious bank roll management & poker discipline.... & to grow a beard, well it started as a moustache for Movember (something they have over here by us... a lot of guys grow there Mo's in the months leading up to November...lol & then proudly display them for a month, before chopping them off) & then it just somehow progressed to a beard. Let's see how it goes under the new BMS (bearded management system)



P. S. - am I correct in assuming that cash games are your bread & butter & tourneys are a luxury.

I've been playing tourneys to make money to play cash games, when I should be playing clash games for tournament money. Is this right? 

Oh & is it just me, or has the 4NLH Cash tables become very soft on Unibet. Seems like there are a lot of people playing there, who don't mind parting with there cash ? (& a lot of over betting) 

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Update -

So I eventually cleared my ticket... Screenshot_2017-10-10-12-33-57.thumb.png.da7928e820e8b236aa720f06f5cba279.png

 Only 65 flops... Lol... Who am I kidding? patience is defiantly a vertue. 

Things are going good under the new management system. Let's see if I can stick to it. Playing the cash tables to clear my ticket, increased my bank roll a little. Here's the breakdown 

Tickets - 

1 x 1000 mission ticket 

1 x 3000 mission ticket 

Bankroll - €7.65

I was thinking about the mission tourneys... I want to make a suggestion. I'll post it in the ideas thread, just wanted to see what you guys & gals think. If you finish in the top 3 or 5 in both tourneys you should get a little something... a little bonus of some kind, like some cash or poker tickets or branded clothing etc, like they do on Jackpot Freerolls. For example... 

Finish in first place in both the 1000 & 3000 = €100 FBM & a branded hoodie 

Finish in first place in one & second in another = €75 FBM & a branded hoodie 

Finish in first place in one & third in another = €50 FBM & a branded hoodie 

Finish in second place in both tourneys = €50 FBM & a branded hoodie 

Finish in second place one tourney & third in the other = €25 FBM & a branded hoodie 

Finish in third place in both tourneys = €15 FML & a branded hoodie

What do you all think

Good idea ? 

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I think I see something on the horizon...... 7d782d7193f645b9c94d4ccbed6efbb0--beautiful-moon-moon-pictures-beautiful.thumb.jpg.87f6cc90f08f7905a7a64114f02ad2b5.jpg

  Yes....Yes... I think my ships coming in.... 


It's been ages since my last update, but things have been slow, owing to the fact that my pc got fried by lightning & my lap top is old & won't run the client or the browser, I've been playing little on unibet besides the odd freeroll etc, so there hasn't been much news. But.... 

Today I was most blessed & got offered my dream job. I start in January & I'm over the moon about the whole thing. I'm actually still trying to rap my head around it... Lol 

Anyways... I'll be making enough bucks to buy a new pc & have high speed fibre Internet installed & make a nice deposit into my unibet account. As you may have noticed, I'm a recreational player & imo playing with a double handicap. ( 1. A very old pc & laptop that hang @ the most inconvenient time, like when you've put most of you chips into a monster hand & there is only one round of betting left & then it decides to hang & when it comes back you see you would have won & had a huge stack going on... but now you only left with small change... Lol & 2. Very bad Internet connection which has the same result as above & just as frustrating.)

So early next year I'll be playing on a level playing field, with no handicaps (except myself of coarse hehehe) & a nice bankroll. 

I'm so excited. 

My challenge is that I have no idea where my strengths lie. (& I blame that on Unibet with their missions & things, that encourage players to play different kinds of poker, in different formats... not that it's a bad thing, cause I would never have known that I love PLO otherwise. Hehehe)

I enjoy all aspects of the game NLH & PLO in all there formats, Sit'ngo, cash games, MTT's, Banzai Heads up, the works, & don't really have a favorite... Lol. I know good advice is to find a game your good @ then focus on that & improve it, till you making constant money. But I have no idea which one is mine. 

I'll get a program like hold'em manager & keep playing a mixed bag like I've been doing for a while & see what the stats say is my best game I think. 

Just wanted to let out the good news. So for now I'll jus be grinding the freerolls till things improve next year. 

I've got 1000 & 3000 mission tickets & I hope I'll be putting them to good use in December, my Birthday month as well & traditionally a very, very lucky month for me... especially the first 2 & last week. Not just in life, but in poker & in gambling. Nearly all my big wins have been in December. Lol 

So yeah looking forward to the next couple of months. 

Update complete... 

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😃Just found this thread @Nestabear, we need more like this imo, a good and interesting read. Why not update more often? How did December go? What's the current bankroll? So many questions, we need answers. 

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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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@GR1ZZL3R Thanx Bruv, 

December was a mess with Family emergencies etc. I did get the bomb PC... but the job fell through 😠

As for the bankroll, I'm on 0.5c currently, but I'm confident after tomorrows Community Freeroll tomorrow night I'll be in better shape... LMAO !!!

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So I've registered for all 36 Nano UOS Events. :atisfied:

Looking forward  to kicking some ❤️♥️❤️... starting tonight with the opener

Good Luck to all the members who are having a go.

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Got a hot tip for a Ante-post long shot bet on the ponies from a friend... apparently he can see into the future :laugh: 

I put a micro on it, just to humour him ( & just incase he has some inside info or something lke a real crystal ball... LOL )

but then I was suprized to see the odds & potetial return. Can you imagine it comes in LMAO 

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@Bryann it's such a long shot & there is so little chance of it comming in... but I tell you what, if it comes in I'll sponser a Community freeroll of note with like 5k or somethng silly.. LOL

easy come - easy go 

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So tonight is gonna be a big night for me...actually my biggest to date, as far as Total Prizepools for 1 night goes.

A whopping € 14 800 GTD :Rofl: :Rofl: :Rofl:

I've decided to have a mini competition to celebrate... for all the recreational players in the Community (like me), that could do with a chance for a little Bankroll Boost, so here is how it works.

Just guess the amount of cash that I'll make combined in these 5 tourneys.(Check spoiler tag below). Whoever gets the closest guess, will win a small mystery prize.

If you guess the correct amount ( with in 13 each way), you win 13% of my highest ITM finish. (for eg:- I finish 1st in the E42 UOS 300 GTD for 40 you win 5.20, say 5 x 1 MTT tickets or 1 x 5MTT ticket, or... I win the  E38 UOS 10 000 GTD for 1300 you win 169 in poker tickets (or equivalent)

here is my line up...

 1. € 10 000 GTD E38 UOS Low                                                                                                    19:00

       2. € 500 GTD E39 UOS Low                                                                                                    19:00

              3. € 1000 GTD August Missions Special                                                                       19:30

                     4.  300 E42 UOS Low                                                                                                20:30

                               5. € 3000 GTD August Missions Special                                                       20:30


Post your guess in this thread before the start of the first Tourney, which is @ 19:00 CEST, in about 4 hours.

I'll post a screen shot of the results as I finish each tourney.

So get a guessing & lets hold thumbs :Cash: :Thumbsup:

tilll then... meditation time


The most I can posibly win is about €2 500 so keep the guesses below that for a chance to win.
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Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
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