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monkeyheaven Rank 10
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Caladrias Rank 11
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Yeah, I was afraid as well the 5mans would die. But I also noticed their state has become worse. Can't even remember the last time a €100 started. I started playing a bit more MTTs because of this, games have been going pretty well overall so far there in the first months of 2019 Smile 

monkeyheaven Rank 10
Rank 10

@traart, 50s plus don't run so much these days, so mostly 10s and 25s. 

State of the games on unibet and in general is pretty terrible for a sng player, higher stakes don't run much at all on unibet and in my opinion there aren't any other options to play reasonable stakes short handed turbos, even stars is pretty dead, and the games their contain some excellent players that have had to drop down from playing 500s to 7s and 15s because there is no high stakes action .

I can still make decent money at the lower stakes, but I'm looking to transition into HUSNG and/or spins, where I have a decent transferable skillset and opportunity to play higher games and achieve a higher hourly than I can at low-mid 5mans on unibet.  Been playing unibet HUSNG and studying, mostly as side action to my main games, but with good success.  That's going to be my main focus moving forward. 

Anyone got any advice on HUSNG let me know, been a while since I learned a new game , gonna update here and prob a 2p2 goals thread if you'd like to follow along . 

Got a lot of questions in past regarding my results in the 5man games, no harm in sharing some results now, haven't requested results from unibet in ages, so these are from a sample that finished about 18 months.  Honestly don't think I'd get close to these results in the current game environment ; this was done 14-16 tabling :

100euro €9.48/game, n=186, roi 9.5%
Inc rb, €10.38/game, roi 10.4

50euro, €3.52/game, n=3107 roi 7.0%
Inc rb €3.97/game, roi 7.9

25euro, €1.29/game, n=16071, roi 5.2%
Inc rb €1.67/game, roi 6.7

10euro, €0.94/game, n=29276, roi =9.4%
Inc rb €1.09/game, roi 10.9

4euro, €0.49/game, n=6840, roi 12.2%
Inc rb €0.55/game, roi 13.8

Brocky Rank 17
Rank 17
Nice blog. What do you think it would take for the 50/100s to run regularly? I grind HUSNGs 25+ but would switch to 5 max if the liquidity were there. Obviously if you and I were playing we would have 2 regs sitting most of the day but games would require at least 1 rec and 4 active regs, how likely do you think this could be?