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Blog: Let's play one or two, or 200k sngs


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€4 5man sng results: past vs present

Thought it might be interesting to compare a sample of results from 2016/17 (?) to a current sample.  I quit playing the 4s around 2017 as the traffic at that time was good enough to support 12-16 tabling at 10s+



4euro, €0.49/game, n=6840, roi 12.2%
Inc rb €0.55/game, roi 13.8



4euro, €0.50/game, n=660, roi 12.5%

Inc rb €0.53, roi 13.3


So, pretty much identical (can’t be that confident due to sample size).  I think my skill level now is about the same as it was, suggest that game quality at 4s is about same as five years ago, surprising I think given that current  liquidity at 10s+ is terrible compared to 2017, would expect that to force better players to play the lower stakes.  Unibet player pool might be overall softer than 5 years ago due to changes in countries that can/can’t play on the site. 


The Grind

Bankroll now at €782 from 12 tabling a mix of 4s and 10s, will now add 25s to the mix.  Playing a couple hours when I can in the evenings, even in these peak hours liquidity is a struggle and I will still have to play some 4s to get to 12 tables.

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Regs doing stupid things

Will try and post some of these when they happen, and I include myself as a stupid reg since I don’t think I played this hand perfectly.  Villain is a reg at 10s/25s, overly lag but not the worst reg in these games. 
Options to 3bet, flat or shove here.  Halldir is lag reg, no reads yet on other players but player pool contains some special players that could have atc here.


Pretty happy with this sizing, I can sigh call to a shove from halldir.  This sizing is to induce mistakes from btn or sb, would expect TT to be far in front of their rejam range and allows them to peel with their worst hands, where small flop bets can induce weak players to blast off.  But, the least expected outcome happens, this looks like a trap..


So halldir has AA right?  That’s the only hand that makes sense to me.  Was confused by this spot in session, I shoved, think this is a mistake, what worse hands call?  Knowing this players tendencies check shove is better, maybe even checkfold but I’m not good enough to do that.


oh-kay then.  Games not dead yet.

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I recognize villain! Fun hand, I think I would've done something different than villain at every decision point 😄 . Oh well, sometimes tilt or playing too many tables can make you do silly things. I'm wondering if flop was a misclick or halldir just saw the gut-shot and 2 overs and didn't think it through. 🤔

Were you also neoElvis?

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The 25€ pool is just so small that it's pretty easy sometimes to notice a new multitabler with a new style. 😛

I would say that from the tiny sample you mostly stood out to me for playing better than what I'm used seeing from regs, so I don't think you need to worry too much 😄

Though I'm definitely not the best judge.


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Games have gone pretty well, and liquidity has been good enough to 12 table mainly 10s and 25s, occasionally a few 4s at start of session.

Bankroll is at €1665

fun hand

Villain in hand was tough overall, seemed to perceive me as maybe overfolding flops, so I think his small preflop sizing makes some sense. Think I would have gone larger to try and win preflop, 94o seems ok to sometimes do this with, but not a great hand to be playing postflop. I’m limping a lot of my range from sb.

My flop lead is a misclick.  Villains float is ambitious, feel like there’s better spots at the table than me (I hope) to be doing this kind of stuff.

villain gets what I think is a terrible turn card to bluff, but fires anyway, think this is an easy call for me on the turn.

River is fun, prob bad play from both of us.  Villain has to have trips or better to shove for value, that’s not many combos, and he’s aggro, so I call?  Villains hand has to be a poor candidate to bluff, no flush blocker, and he blocks 64.


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Haha I remember that hand, I was villain.

I was thinking that the 20% flop lead didn't make much sense on that flop texture, so I decided to float. Makes sense though that it was a misclick (I did think it might be a "continuation bet" misclick where you thought you were the preflop aggressor, but usually these small cbet ranges have lots of air).

After you checked the turn I thought you rarely or never have Kx (probably flush draws keep firing usually too), so I thought if I blast away I can probably get you to fold whatever weak hand you might have, and represent a strong but narrow range of mostly trip kings. Turns out not and I got owned (I think you almost snap called river too) 😂. Good read, I quit my session pretty soon after that one 😄 .

Admittedly not the greatest bluff candidate. It was an attempt to exploit gone wrong I guess, but not really a good play from me.


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