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  1. Hi. I seem to have a live/in-date $2 Unibet Live Ticket which will not let me use it. Am I missing something? Apologies if the above thread answers my question, but I couldn't follow it. Thanks Scratch
  2. Not sure if this is a bug in the app or I was doing something daft, but when I tried to use a 5Euro UOS ticket to register for a 5Euro UOS tournament (30807371), the app insisted on taking a 5Euro MTT ticket instead. Clicked on the UOS ticket, clicked on the tournament in the list, and clicked on Register and each time it took the wrong ticket. In the end I used the MTT ticket to register for another tournament so it wasn't available and then the UOS one went through, and I was able to deregister the MTT ticket and get it back. Bug or what? Cheers Scratch
  3. Hi. I was running a €4 NL/PL ticket which I'd banked up to €13.66 and foolishly let expire on 21Sep. No excuses - my own fault - I let real life get in the way of poker. Is there any way I can get it back? Pretty please? Many thanks DaveL
  4. I type deep in the search box and only get one - "deep space". Am I using the wrong search box?
  5. The first part of this is a bit contradictory. It says play a deepstack tournament - no problem there are plenty of these and they are clearly identified in the "speed" column as deep. Then it says "play a tournament with deep in the name"- there's only one of these a day as far as I can see - the "deep space " one. Which is it to be? Cheers Dave
  6. Hi. Challenges on SNG games are usually framed in wording something like "During the first three levels, do something wildly implausible we dreamed up in the pub last night". Apologies if I'm being dim, but in an SNG, is there an obvious way of checking what number level you are in? In MTTs, blind level information is available in the lobby, but as far as i can see, there's nothing corresponding for SNGs. Ta Dave L
  7. Hi. I was registered for a tournament starting 1800GMT, but when I tried to log in to play, I got a blank grey screen with no logoin window (android app and browser access) and an empty green carpet with no login window (laptop app). I assumed there was a site-wide issue and tried all three of these off and on for an hour or so with the same result. When I finally got in about 1930GMT, I was a bit bemused to see that the tournament appears to have started, been played and finished on time. Does this mean there's another way to access Unbet Poker that I wasn't aware of? Many thanks
  8. I'm a bit bewildered here. i've been faithfully plodding through the mission stages and got to 4a. Can I assume that it was written by someone who either has never played cash games on Unibet, or who doesn't know how to play poker? We are expected to find a cash NLH game with five or more players - really? this isn't 888 you know! - and then try to either limp into flops with a hand we should have burned, or back off from trying to force out other players if we have a good one. The only printable expression that springs to mind is "Beam me up Scottie" DaveL
  9. Hi. I notice that the tally for games and flops in the Santa's Challenge pop-up hasn't been updating for the last few hours. Will we get credit for them when it's back upo and running? Thanks Dave
  10. Hi. I have two tickets that I've won which expire in the next 2-3 days and they have no tournaments shown as available. 1.5k Turbo Tournament and DECUOSFLIP. The first matched a tournament yesterday, but I was already registered for that with another ticket, so couldn't use it and the second I don't think I've seen any tournaments for. is it possible to extend or exchange these? Many thanks Dave
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