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  1. wchich one exactly ? I didn't see any and tickets will be in few days expired ...
  2. Thanks for quick respond. what should I do with tickets I have ? Could You guys exchange me it for tickets to regular online tournament ? i Have 1x 10euro and 2x 50 euro.
  3. Hello, Last sunday I won the 2k package to Bucharest, but i still have some 10 & 50 euros tickets to UOS. I have questions about it. What should I do with them?? It's possible to play again for the package and then, if its possible ofc, exchange it for live tournament tickets to side events in the Bucharest, or maybe i will pay 200 euros more to get into high roller for 2200 euro? Or maybe I should play for UDSO seat only for 550 euro and then if its exchangable for side events? Glad to get resposnd for that. Best regards, Summertimer
  4. I have few Supernova tickets. It will be nice to use this tickets to register to Romsenter. What do You think about it?
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