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Poker release notes 26/04/2017


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A new poker release is going out tomorrow. Below you'll find more information about the improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Improved client stability by improving communication flow between lobby and table
  • Android and iOS apps now remember last logged in username
  • Moved "fold to any bet" button on mobile to improve user experience
  • Improved rebuy tournaments to give the ability to rebuy with less than or equal to starting stack
  • Tournament specific lobby now displays the number of re-entries, re-buys and add-ons
  • When client is minimised and it's your turn to act, client windows bar icon now blinks
  • Improved tournament tickets display to also show tournaments with closed registration
  • Search field in tournament full schedule now stays active while switching between full schedule and specific tournament lobby
  • Improved how pot-stack chips are displayed at the table so that it never covers most of the board
  • Improved scrolling
  • Improved fold to any bet button to let you cancel your action if you move your cursor away from the button
  • Improved ticket buy-in display in tournaments
  • Improved game selector in the lobby so that it remembers your last game/stake played


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug not letting you go all-in with decimal chips in tournaments
  • Fixed blurry graphics issue on desktop client
  • Fixed bug where folded cards were not displayed if your animation setting "card movement" was off
  • Fixed Challenges progress not being displayed at the table on OSX
  • Fixed bug where client wasn't sometimes handling re-connection correctly
  • Fixed table priority bug on desktop client where table doesn't always appear in front when it's your turn to act
  • Fixed a bug where cards and chips sometimes did not load correctly in tournaments
  • Fixed sounds on Android not working for all devices
  • Fixed bounty placement as it was slightly off
  • Fixed tournament quick lobby to sometimes show less tournaments that it should
  • Fixed bug where Unibet Poker process got stuck in Task Manager
  • Fixed unlockable items not being immediately released after completion of the task
  • Fixed unable to scroll bonus tickets in Bonus Shop
  • Fixed cashier window translation only after restarting the client
  • Fixed bounty labels overlapping avatars on iOS
  • Fixed scroll bar not working properly in Casino Lobby
  • Fixed arrow for tournaments in main lobby overlapping with tournament names
  • Fixed cards being to bright in Hand Replayer
  • Fixed Hand Replayer showing the wrong deck of cards
  • Fixed Mac lobby popping up in front, together with the table, when it's your turn to act
  • Fixed external keypad not working on Mac
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After updating, the client no longer even loads. I tried restarting, uninstalling, deleting old files & re-installing fresh, restarting, but none of these work. I am on Windows 10 laptop.

I was wondering if anyone else had any issues or if I missed something obvious.

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Thank you very much for your prompt replies, guys.

When I click, double-click or even right-mouse-Open the icon, the mouse pointer briefly flickers to the egg-timer, then nothing happens.

When I open Task Manager to see if anything is happening in the background, I see nothing that is obviously connected to Unibet.

The semi-good news is that the client loads on another, older PC (Windows 10 Desktop) of mine. But I would prefer to play on my laptop because its quieter.

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I tried those good suggestions but without success, unfortunately. I have uploaded the requested screenshots. I know my laptop is not exactly the newest, but if an even older desktop can run the updated client, the laptop should be able too, in theory, and it was doing just fine yesterday.

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Have you updated the graphics drivers recently? 2012 seems a little old for the driver signature. 


Looks like Toshiba are not supporting the laptop you have directly as there are no Win 10 drivers on the support site and the last graphic driver they show is the 2012 one. 

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Many thanks for the quick reports and all the information provided. It's beeing investigated. I'd suggest to use the Web client for now. I'll come back as soon as possible with news or questions. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Anyone else affected, please still report it. 

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Almost half a year has now gone and the browserversion (which is the only one I can use because the desktop version does not work at all) is still as full of bugs as it was in the beginning.

- It uses way to much resources. Something is really wrong with this program deep at heart.

- Tables doesn`t come visible when game starts. Have to reload. Sometimes my password is wrong sometimes it works.  ( I use autofill in the boxes so It`s the same everytime)

- When game starts other things happen: Cards gets invisible, lobby doesn`t work, If the prog starts and tables come up you can get logged out and the prog tells you it´s because of lack of activity..IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME!!!

- Sometimes the buttons get unclickable and I have to call when I want to raise... 

This far I have got no compensation for loss of blinds,prizes and the frustration of have to sitout parts of or rest of tournaments I want to play.

This program is not even BETA and should not have been released at all until problems are sorted out.

It is a BIG shame that you let us customers  do the work for you with our bankrolls!

Notice: ALL OTHER pokersights that I use have progs that work just fine today.


It´s all in there.
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