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  1. Hi @Patric-Unibet , I have just discovered this problem when I regged for the UO2 about 30 mins ago. It took an Oct 23 ticket, instead of the ticket expiring tomorrow. I explored regging with the other tourneys today before discovering this thread. Could you please extend/reinstate my ticket expiring tomorrow July 23 to Oct 23, i.e. basically put me in the position where everything worked properly? Thanks for your understanding in advance, Betzcom
  2. Hi @Patric-Unibet, @Leo-Unibet, Thanks for listening and saying you will extend the UK50s. Please extend mine, thanks. Betzcom
  3. @radge1 Thanks for exemplifying my point so strongly. Losing €50 for a 2 hour tourney is equivalent to €25/hour. I don't know your earnings, but it would taste bitter to me if I had to lose this value because of my job, especially if the wage was lower! After manual exchanges were stopped earlier this year, I lost €100s in value in DSO25s because those sats just wouldn't start when it was convenient for me to play. A June expiry for the UK50s would be a lot more reasonable than Jan 31.
  4. I logged in to the poker client and was informed that my UK25s were replaced by UK50s, and discovered this thread when seeking further info on the forum. These new tickets expire Jan 31. It looks like there will only be 1 relevant tourney per week. If true, then some of my tickets will expire, even if I played every week. This is neither fair nor right. Others have commented profusely on the changes to the satellite/exchange system changes, so I won't need to labour how disappointed we (mostly) are about this. However, I would like to at least enjoy Unibet poker on a leisurely basis, and not be forced to play every available tourney just to avoid losing hard won tickets, which were changed without any/much warning. The tourneys are on Saturday evenings. I might want to do other things at that time, as I am sure other players would too! So could I ask that all UK50 tickets be extended so that players have fair opportunity to use them, at a leisurely pace? This would vary depending on each players ticket balance, but I hope everyone can see the reasoning behind my suggestion. I noticed that it is possible to re-enter once during the first 8 levels, but this is forcing a particular playstyle. This runs counter to the principle of enjoying Unibet poker on a leisurely basis. Thanks for your understanding in advance.
  5. Hi @RayL, @JeppeL, @Leo-Unibet, Thanks for all your hard work (and the other Unibet guys and gals!) in offering this automated ticket exchange facility to us players. 2 small things: 1) The UO250 => (5 x UO50) Exchanger is not working. It will only accept cash, not my UO250 ticket, which sort of defeats the point. Could you please look into this and rectify? 2) I know you are only offering UO & UK Exchangers at the moment. I was wondering what the plans for DSO Exchangers were. I always assumed & thought they were "live" satellites. Once again, thanks for all your help, and keep up the good work! Betzcom
  6. 2 related bunch of Qs: 1) Can we have multi-entry? Let's say I have (5 x UO250). Can I enter the new tourney 5 times and receive (25 x UO50)? Or would I have to wait until the next Saturday? 2) How would "irregular" sized tickets be swapped e.g. (UK25)? At present, you can do (4 x UK25) => (25 x UK4). Thanks for your time in advance, Betzcom
  7. Thanks for that, @pirahn I got this from Rajmond about 1 hour ago: Official communication came through now regarding the Unibet Online Series and ticket exchange rules for the same tournament! No further exchange is possible at the moment! Stay tuned for the post explaining the exchange system which goes online soon! So I guess we've just got to wait and see.
  8. Great stuff! I'd also like to report I wasn't given the option to use my SN10, MW5 or Sput5 tickets, and had cash taken instead. And I also agree that it would be good to be able to use UO tickets. Question: If you win a €100 main event ticket, can this be exchanged for a (10 x UOS10)?
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