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Poker release notes 28/02/2017


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We have a new version (v 2.3.2) and here are the release notes. I've highlighted in red the important ones when it comes to stability and bugs. 

iOS one has been submited to apple and will be likely be added to the appstore within a couple of days. 

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added No Limit Hold'Em and Pot Limit Omaha €800 (blinds €4/€8 )
  • Removing the Fold option when free to check
  • Added a +1 button on Download desktop client tables for Cash Game and Sit & Go to quickly open a similar table
  • Added Thousand separators for chips stacks
  • Added more timezones
  • Added 6 or 9 handed info in specific lobby’s for MTTs
  • Added notification for sitting out for WEB when multi tabling
  • Added a Read More link to Challenges
  • Added Play alert sound even on table in focus
  • Added ante info in title bars for desktop client
  • Improved top up on Cash tables allowing to buy chips that may be lost the hand currently played
  • Improved Hand Replayer by showing the showdown of last hand played
  • Improved Hand Replayer by showing hands for specific table
  • Improved MTT Buy-in filter
  • Improved how completed tournaments are displayed in the full schedule lobby by showing them as completed and showing how long they lasted
  • Improved bet sizing by allowing the use of "," rather than only "."
  • Improved CPU-lag for Windows client
  • Improved Disconnection handling
  • Improved DirectX10 optimisation (black screen issue)
  • Improved iOS/Android experience when switching between apps
  • Updated Android and iOS icons


  • March Mission
  • Sit & Go Moving on Up
  • High Stakes Flop Race

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug sometimes making it impossible to top up or buy-in on Cash Game tables
  • Fixed bet slider bug causing some bet sizes sometimes not to being available on iOS
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing the client to crash upon re-login with active tables
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing the client to crash when open hand replayer
  • Fixed a bug causing the Web client to freeze on loading screen for few players
  • Fixed Top-up with less then min buyin not being possible when low balance
  • Fixed issue where MTT lobby was sometimes not refreshing correctly
  • Fixed weird looking holecards on android for normal 4 color deck
  • Fixed issue where changing between play in cents and normal wasn't changing bets in ongoing pot
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to register for the same MTT upon logout login with 2 accounts
  • Fixed topup amount not being visible
  • Fixed ticket used sometimes took a long time to be marked as used
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to scroll to size your bets while hovering the bet or raise button
  • Fixed a bug causing the iPhone app to sometimes not load when launching it for the first time
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing “blurred cards” with corrupt colors
  • Fixed registration button being visible when late registration was closed due to players reaching the money
  • Fixed fold to any button being clickable outside of expected area on Mobile
  • Fixed tournament info bubble not refreshing in Sit & Go after clicking "play another one"
  • Fixed some issues regarding table prioritisation on Web
  • Fixed multiple issues causing the specifc tournament lobby not to be updated correctly
  • Fixed multiple graphical glitches or misplaced elements
  • Other bug fixes


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@BillyR23 wrote:

Am I the only one that doesn't have "hand strenght" showed at the tables after the update?

This option was damn useful especially at PLO when you have 4+ tables at the same time...

Has been mentioned on 2+2 as well. Appears to be universal. Doesn't matter if you switch it on or off.

Have you read my blog HERE... It's long isn't it :)
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Re: Having issues with the client?

like this? @Satakala my background changes to all black even though it shows the one i usually use in my profile, to change it i have to open a table with a different background close it then resave my original background, when i log out again it reverts back to black and i have to do it again?



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  • Removing the Fold option when free to check

It is nice!

Windows version works faster now( i mean table opening) , table adding is good. I am happy about windows version, but i am very unhappy that i still cant play in mac os.

Also i am not sure about NL800, may be recreational players will loose too fast now 

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I play on Party Poker, Pokerstars, Intertops, and Unibet

and with the other 3 combined - don't even come close to all the problems the Unibet Client has the last 3-4 months

Always hoping for them to fix everything but nothing seems to be getting done

But will keep waiting for it to come back to normal when I first signed up

"Time keeps on slipping, into the future....I want to fly like an Eagle, to the Sea"
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@RushB wrote:

Before i could at least enjoy the beauty of the black screen, now this :laugh:




I give up. It takes a new pc to play on desktop client. So be it.

It looks the same for me.  Good work Unibet...............  :(

Unibet poker is a BIG joke. I understand why you laugh!

It´s all in there.
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Way too underrated comment imo. Why on earth the open-fold option was denied?
Also I agree, that if the games here are getting bigger, UBpoker can forget the idea of having new starting players to enjoy games here. Tables are already full of experienced, multitabling reg-nits, and the possibility to choose something 'pure' poker in online universe, is getting more and more shallower. Not good.

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