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Poker release notes 31/01/2017


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New Features:

  • Added improved tournament filter buy-in amount
  • Added table setting "Only play alerts"
  • Added rebuy tournament improvements
  • Added visual improvement for 4 colour deck
  • Added another 4 colour deck
  • Added simple deck option to main menu settings
  • Added 9 player Omaha visual improvements
  • Added bonus points notification badge
  • Added desktop/mobile filtering to casino games
  • Added notifications when someone buys Unibet Open seat or package from Shop
  • Deleted unused aliases on inactive accounts
  • Changed notification for receiving Bonus Points
  • Disabled dump file creation for WIN desktop client
  • Added €200 stake level for HUSNG


  • MTT Leagues promotion
  • February Mission
  • Prize Drop promotion

Bug fixes:

  • Made general stability improvements
  • When “Fold to any bet” is clicked, play alert only happens on new decisions
  • Changed hand re-player to always start at the end of the hand
  • Made re-player stability improvements
  • Made OSX stability improvements
  • Fixed completed challenge on challenge widget not updating to new one
  • Fixed issue where re-entering Banzai showed the wrong buy-in amount
  • Fixed bonus shop showing incorrect "Bonus" amounts
  • Fixed bonus points showing incorrectly in Challenge rewards
  • Fixed scrollbars width in time zone setting and main lobby MTT
  • Fixed avatar scrolling behaviour problem on Mac
  • Fixed "access violation" error when trying to reconnect
  • Fixed incorrect window frame in Challenges tab
  • Fixed card back not updating when changing deck
  • Fixed previous hand info did not have the same deck
  • Fixed problem where submit button became unavailable after incorrect login for iOS and Android
  • Fixed issue where MTT filters stayed active without remember option
  • Fixed missions and Challenges widgets overlapping
  • Fixed double click on tournament in quick lobby not opening MTT lobby
  • Fixed ticket selection buy-in, showing dropdown menu even with only one ticket
  • Fixed counters and user balance being visible after logout
  • Fixed tournament filter not remembering settings correctly
  • Fixed casino games not opening account history correctly
  • Fixed casino sounds not working in all games
  • Fixed mouse cursor behaviour in some casino games
  • Fixed issue where used ticket balance value was still being visible under balance
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Runtime Error here also!

Not a good feeling after waking up early to play... Is there a fix coming?

You really should fire the guy who orders these updates.. You just can´t put an update out there which is not working for everyone.. You really didnt learn anything from december? Unbelieveble...

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