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Wenbo to beat Trump


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OK a couple of things first should anyone be mad enough to follow me in here... I can't remember the last time I won a sports bet, i think maybe i have lost about the last 9/10 bets placed...

I have reverse engineered my analysis. Basically I looked for something at a decent price (i.e. an outside shot) that I felt had a reasonable chance of winning and then started checking out stats etc.

Regardless I'll be placing this bet today wherever I can get the best price...

Wenbo to beat Trump in the final of the English Open Snooker today. They are playing the first to 9 frames, and I think Wenbo has a reasonable chance here. Why is that?

They have met 7 times before, and Wenbo holds the h2h record at 4:3.

The most recent matches were:

2016 World Championship - Wenbo lost 10:8.

This was the world championship so a fair bit of pressure of course on both players, and especially Wenbo who has never won a ranking event. Wenbo was up 6-3 at one point. But Trump came back. I don't think Wenbo will be making the same mistake again, and think the recent defeat at the World Championship will be a powerful reminder to him to keep on Trump should he get in front.

In 2015 Wenbo beat Trump 6-4 in the last 32 of the UK Championship. He was hungry for his first ranking title, but was later denied by Neil Robertson, who was in immaculate form knocking in a 147.

The other matches they played were all in 2012 or prior.

Trump beat Hawking 6:2 in the semi's, and Wenbo beat Bingham (last years world champion) after coming back from 4-2 down. Trump isn't going to be easy to beat (he beat O'sullivan 9-8 a week ago in Bucharest) but...

I think Wenbo has a fair shout here, i've seen him at 3:1 somewhere, and he's 2.5:1 on Unibet ; i think that's a great bet, so will be backing him today. Good luck if you back either selection in this match, which should be a great match.

It's going to be shown on Eurosport today with coverage starting at 1.45


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I can see Wenbo winning this match. Both players are extremely Talented (Wenbo currently ranked #20, Trump #4 & Former #1) Wenbo is going to need Trump to make some errors though if he wants to prevail.

The most likely outcome will be 9-6, or 9-7 in favor of Trump but I'm rooting for the Chinese 😃

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