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Hello everyone


I send a mail to support, however because I don't know how long responses take I also decided to make a community post, so it can get resolved as quickly as possible. Today I made a bet on Team Liquid – Evil geniuses. I bet 8.70 euros on Team Liquid to win map 1 round 15. However before the stream even finished this got registered as a loss. Furthermore, Team liquid won this map 1 as can be seen here : https://www.hltv.org/matches/2355655/liquid-vs-evil-geniuses-pgl-major-antwerp-2022-americas-rmr. Unibet then registered this still as a loss, so I didn't get my money. Can this get fixed please, my user number is 119760861.  I have also added screenshots of my bet history to show that I did bet on TL and that it got registered as a loss. 


With kind regards 


error bet.PNG


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