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I've just played for one hour on three tables and noticed a very weird statistic. 


352 hands.

AA three times winning 30c.

KK once, winning 77c.

QQ twice, winning €1.30.

JJ once, winning €2.97. 

This proves that the smaller your pair the more money you win.

🤔 Maybe too small a sample size.

Damn weird thing statistics. 🤣

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"Let the chips fall where they may"          image.gif.2984c907c63151493f6e0f79ede0a9bb.gif

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That's not a statistical anomaly, but is actually quite easily explained. The better your hand is, the more you are blocking your opponent from having a good hand, which obviously just makes it much less likely that you will actually get paid 🤔 That's why I usually just fold my premiums pre 👌



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