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100x Hexapro madness


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Was anyone else in the mix for the €10 Hexa jackpot today? Went down to the very last game here is what I was trying to contend with! Fired 4 games with 8 left and I think another 4 just after I tried clicking it with 1 left. My hand stopped working there was that many tables and it was a struggle to try and get all the games tiled on the screen. 

Although I missed the 100x I got into a 25x but came 2nd unfortunately. Of the 12 in the photo managed to win 2 5x and 2 3x and took 30 for 2nd so got some profit.


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24 minutes ago, FreedoM said:

@JokerJames95Most mass multi-table Players I know use "https://jurojinpoker.com/" now it says it supports Unibet, I didn't use it myself since it doesn't support Windows 7 but I'm curious if Unibet allows it since it has features like Hot Keys!? @Stubbe-Unibet?

Hot keys not supported for Unibet 🙂 generally okay to use jurojin, as long as it's just for tiling 

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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