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where is my 40 RON free bet ?! Is this a joke of a site?!


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Guys, this site is a f. joke. 😠

I just thought that the first time was a mistake by not giving me my free 25 RON posted in the thread linked bellow

no 25 FREE bet  

I tried with the promo from 27th March in wich they said that if I bet 100 RON I get 40 RON back as a free bet. Of course that I didn't received :Heart::Hearts::Heart: so far. I think that you have to beg for something that you though it would go smooth, with no problems.



This site has become a joke, no doubt about it. I will never recomend to anyone to play here.

Have an awesome begging day too!😠

BTW I am still wainting for the email from the first promo with your apologies. ( I know there will be no email) 

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Me again,

I didn't contacted support with the hope that I will receive the ticket but I was wrong. I had to get in touch with them, otherwise they wouldn't care at all about their players. The story is pretty much the same as in the first case, they simply said first, that the bet I made doesn't qualify for the promotion because it is not for U21 games. I just copy pasted the promo and the terms and then she sais that yeah, there is another promotion and to wait a little bit.

After a few minutes she solves it by sending me the 10 euros free ticket with some bull❤️♥️❤️ appologies that the sistem can't convert RON to EUR ... bla bla bla. Hire better IT guys and do your job.


See ya later with another beg.


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Hey @Balonas,

Since your account is in euros instead of RON, these issues will happen in the future as well. This is something that is being fixed, but we can also offer another solution. You can close your current account and open a new one in RON. This should fix the issue of not receiving it automatically. Let me know if you wish to do this and I will get the ball rolling. 

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