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Hexapro bugged again!


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@Stubbe-Unibet I had this same ❤️♥️❤️ty bug with the first version of this new software and now it's back after the update. I opened two 5€ Hexapros at the same time. The other one started and other one just stayed on the waiting screen. Refund my 5€ and fix this. And before you start blaiming me again, tell me why I would time out a table while playing the other one. I noticed that my balance had gone for the second one too when I had HU on the other table. I did close the software and start again but it was too late. I had only 135 chips left and basically no chance to play it out. IMG_20210218_185308.thumb.jpg.85cc48b6594c13380cefa589a4537af9.jpg




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