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Bonus Confusion!


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While currently messing about with roulette I noticed a bonus offer for the casino so took it up, not something I do regularly because I know it would to take a fair amount to play through any winnings, something I've not managed to do in the past.


It's fairly clear that when I meet the wagering requirements of £20 I get £5 bonus, this has to be wagered 25 times, i.e. £125, or in the case of table games (roulette included) ten times that, £1250. Quite a lot to wager to clear £5, that's why I don't always bother, I'm not a high roller, and at £10 or £20 a day I would be very unlikely to clear it.

The confusion comes firstly from what exactly counts for the wagering turnover. There is no mention at all of sports betting being counted, yet when I had a bet for the Hot Bets promo my bonus went down, from £39,  by £1 and then went up by £ 2.13 when the bet was won, my Main amount didn't move,but the turnover requirements on my bonus didn't alter either.


The next worrying thing is this statement.


Does that really mean that if I don't play anything for 29 days I lose the £40.13 that shows as bonus? What if I have more sports bets and win £100, (I know it's a fantasy ) but don't reach the turnover requirements, do I lose that? What if I run up my bonus winnings on roulette to £1,000 (more fantasy) but don't turn over enough, is all that lost? I'm confused.

Calling on all you casino regulars for some guidance please. :Smile:


"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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Never had such problem, my bonuses are usually wagered or lost in thirty minutes rather than days 🤣

But i think if you win from bets, they don't affect bonus balance so they would be safe but (live)casino wins wouldn't be. So basically you lost all that is in your bonus balance, not more nor less. 

I took the same bonus other day and it went straight to real money without any wagering (yet lost it anyway :D) so safest way is to do everything on time and keep some sort of track how wagering is going as that bonus information ain't always too accurate/working at all ;)

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