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MTT Hand Review.


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Following the cash hand review thread 👍 I thought I'd ask a few questions on tournament hands, specifically because this came up earlier and I'd love some feedback on my decisions and what others may have done. 

A UK Tour €1 satellite, reg has just closed, 12 entries, 11 left, 2 x €5 on offer. 

359209160_Screenshot(2102).thumb.png.90a5e0080cd2331d44b3da7d464c001b.png A standard raise, from UTG, 2 callers, I hadn't played many hands and was somewhere in the middle of the pack, so called, if I didn't flop well I could get away.   

1459950641_Screenshot(2104).thumb.png.3bad293cec6aa25428fb7b446665d920.pngA snap shove and a snap call on an interesting flop. The caller still has 5bb left and is likely to put the rest in, so if I call and lose I'm more or less out. I've seen these shoves and calls on every type of hand. QQ, two pairs, top pair, a straight draw, a flush draw, really anything. Some of them are much less likely, but we do see all of them at times. I called,  it's only €1 and I was in that mood anyway, and I feel I have a lot going for me, loads of draws myself, including the big one. Is it worth it to call here, and if so would you still call in a €10 tourney or a €100 tourney?

31755675_Screenshot(2106).thumb.png.ffb310a01922b1f00862990375f69d61.png As I suspected the last few bb went in, I was commited and knew I would call on any turn anyway. 

Any thoughts, anyone. :Wonder:




"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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So so so typical... Keeping in mind thats a 1 euro satty, and i always see crazy moves there, UTG can have anything, but i think he has overpair, like KK or AA, or maybe QT, looks like he is the rush :laugh: Not much to do on your side, the draws pulling you in anyway, you are allin no matter what. I would probably shove on the flop :wonder:

(but im just the master of disaster on low stakes 😃)

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@GR1ZZL3R as others have said before; the stakes are important here. Especially in UK/UO lower satties, many people freeroll there - in this spot you will see many people with AK betting/calling every street.

HERE - call or allin on the flop doesn't matter , this is such a board that there is no chance to fold this hand, especially in this stage. even with ie. Fiod 60bb it is a call on the flop, beacuse you want him on the turn and river 🆒 

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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Following on from the earlier hand.......................


This one was much later in a sattie and I was getting low on chips, about 12th of 16 or so.

121763746_Screenshot(2121).thumb.png.a8e8edeae6eedaa8ba641e55d0e4050b.pngEveryone was limping in so I tagged along.

1219303268_Screenshot(2122).thumb.png.a59d3027e7d3c9ca4bdbb2b4c42e06ea.pngIt went check check, and I might as well get a free card.

1215350596_Screenshot(2123).thumb.png.bfdb0ff5e00b9c5bfe016722894bbff8.pngThis time there was a bet so I called, again loads of draws.

2093956683_Screenshot(2126).thumb.png.1eda8b94d558d8efae33ef3177acf581.pngGreat river. This time villain checked and I thought the 3 to a flush and 4 to a straight might have scared him a bit. I thought if I shoved he might have folded so I only went 3/4 pot, but should have known, if they've got something they'll call. 


Two straight flushes in two days, onwards and upwards. :Smile:



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"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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