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Try Hard: Hello. Can you change my nickname to Madara ?
Vika: Hello.
Vika: Please, wait while I check.
Vika: Thank you for waiting.
Vika: I have checked and your screen name has been changed thrice.
Try Hard: yes ... And is that a problem ?
Vika: Please, be informed that it is not permitted to change it more than three times.
Vika: Kindly be advised to contact the casino support.


This chat was through Evolution Gaming Live Support. They said I need to contact casino support. Then I contacted casino support but they told me they can't change my nickname.

I can't belive you dont mention anywere that you can't change your nickname in Live Casino more than 3 times.

Can you at least revert it back to some of my old nicknames I used in Live Casino ??

Please help I want to deposit and play but if im stuck with this nickname i see no other choice but to play somewere else ...


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Hi @IntegrityKnight, welcome to the Community :)
Our provider "Evolution" indeed has a policy as described above. A player has limited chances to change an alias and it is preferred that no changes happen in the first place. Technically speaking it is not as easy to change the alias as it would be in poker thus it is not a service that we usually offer.
That being said, I've spoken to our Casino Executive and she offered to make one more change to your alias to "Madara". Please note that this is the last change to your alias.


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