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There's actually a small glitch if you click the icon from the casino-tab immediately after getting the notification/confirmation of free spins right after finishing the task. Not sure how it works to not getting any spins, but the messages sure are unsynced :wonder:

Wait a while @stieglitz9 , the system should probably adjust itself :wonder:
Saw that too because waited the freespins earlier right after the time changed to next day at night..

Edit. nothing to do with this case if it was 2.1.2020 done already.
@RayL, @Patric-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet 

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Hi @stieglitz9, the ones added to your account seem to have been canceled from your end somehow. There is a pop up message which prompts players to either Accept or Decline the offer, and decline was clicked on your end based on what I see in our back offices. Anyway's, we've added you a separate set in the same value which is now in your "Bonus offers". The ones added now will be on Starburst in the Casino section.


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