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Chips in BB on Cash games


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we have already option 'Value in BB in tournaments', why this is not introduced into cash games? Sometimes when playing higher limits or not at rush hours, i have to mix up limits. Jumping between stakes can be really confusing without that possibility. Is there any reason why it is not implemented yet?

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Hiya, not sure if it's already a thing about to come at some point, but agree that it could improve the playing with different stakes at the same time :Thumbsup:

Edit. Well there is the "play with cents" - option in the client's options, but guess not the same thing when playing with round euros :Wonder: (haven't tried to change)

Meanwhile you can use the search and try to find if there's a topic about it, and if not, create a new one to the ideas-section :Smile:

Tagging the tech-guru here for faster estimation for you.



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