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Keeping winning after canceling bonus.


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Hi. I activated a bonus, then won some money before i startet using the bonus cash. If i cancel the bonus now. Will i den be able to cash out the prize? I says that you use your own cash first then the bonus cash. Have not sendt the bonus at this point.

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Not with the whole sum you can cash it out yet, if you haven't fulfilled the requirements before that.
If it's a casino bonus , it's normally something like 25x the amount you deposited.
(reads in the fine print terms&conditions)
Until the amount you deposited with the bonus money offer, will turn into real cash.
If you're up in the winnings, you sure can decline the bonus part, but you'll need the Livechat or tomorrows workers in the community here to do that :)

And really recommend the Livechat for you @Bonbb , if you want to get the moneyz out faster at this time 👍
You'll lose the bonusmoney, but if you won well, it's possible to get the profits if you contact the support and decline the offer 👍

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