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Zlatan are finished.......NOT


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Leaving PSG....another chapter,another great player gone,finished.

what was that?..is Man United interested in Zlatan...is it true!!!!????

only rumours in the early summer...........

Today after a bicycle kick on Galatasaray,and the winning goal on Leicester...

Community shield last weekend.....HE is not finished

HE is not gone...HE is very much alive and kicking a--

Bless you Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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True, he's not getting any younger but injury is always a risk at any age and he's still in really good health, so as it is now he's far from finished. He got a great start in MU and I think he's got a lot left to give. As long as HE believes he can do it he will stay fit for fight and continue to prove the non-believers wrong. I mean, Zlatan is Zlatan after all. :smileytongue:

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He will deliver from time to time but it will be nowhere near the numbers he made in PSG. With double digit penalties maybe he will achieve 20goals, but i seriously doubt it. Speaking about club goals, well i see good start for ManU, then near the New Year eve things will implode between Zlatan and Jose.

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