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Big Progressive Jackpot Win!


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Hi all! 😃

Congratulations to our lucky customer Ms. R.J. from Norway for winning an impressive €112,126.35 on 5th of April, Friday!!

The 75 Ball-Variant progressive jackpot was called on 42 balls in the Grand Slam room, where you can always find bigger prize pools! 


Every time you buy a ticket with cash, part of the ticket price is put towards the progressive jackpot pool. This means that the more tickets bought in Bingo, the bigger the jackpot prize will grow!


Remember, we offer a variaty of different jackpots - progressive, community, fixed, escalator. Meaning there are always additional chances to win, try your luck now! 



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@Krists-Unibet wrote:

 as we all know bingo is a game of chance and the out come is completely random

It seems not to be that at Unibet Bingo, @Krists-Unibet . Because it is very odd that the same players win and win in the same bingo-room, sometimes even 2 and 3 lines. I don`t find that random.. But nothing to do with that, only play for the wheel :)

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