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  1. Batman Beyond is a more mature take on the franchise i always liked that show. There's one episode in particular that's very unsettling not the subject matter but the way they chose to depict it i'm surprised they got the goahead and commend them for creating something like that for something kids essentially could be watching. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6mgsde
  2. I still can't get over the fact that @jerry went full "White Knight" over her: "Oh that poor girl, someone hand her a coat, she might be freezing!" She's the girlfriend of Vitaly. I think, she's had to do worse than that in the past to make him happy! :laugh: Since the game was so bad yesterday, I'd like to post one of his better pranks. Let's be honest, I'd wager a lot of money that most of the "people off the street" in his videos are paid actors. Having said that, I think this one is real: /i/p.gif I mean nothing really happened to her she just got taken off and that was that. Yeah i've heard she is his gf, the guy has been exposed as having recurring "strangers" in some of his videos and one where the stunt was to walk up and kiss the girl one of them was apparently some pornstar Katie Cummings. He probably fakes a ton of stuff especially the more brazen social interactions, that horror prank might be real because it's simple to get good reactions i guess but maybe it is fake too. It's been his schtick to crash sporting he "progressed" from the pranks to this so the payout is probably bigger.
  3. The main gameplay camera turned away i think they have a policy of not giving attentions to pitch invaders but i guess she managed to get it anyway. Becoming famous over being the sidekick human billboard to a fake youtube prankster i would be truly ashamed but hey we're all different.
  4. It's a nice storybook ending for Liverpool but i didn't want to see them win quite like that. The goal was anticlimatic and overall game a dull transportation from A to B, especially compared to what the teams had done previously. But it's still a win and the result counts.
  5. Personally i like seeing Messi winning individually and with Barcelona because he delivers so much and it gets validated. Even aside from the scoring the man is a great playmaker and really appreciates his teammates it's beautiful seeing him and Suarez happy together because it's so genuine and not just a formality.
  6. @CharismaManwhat did you win?
  7. How likely is it that a chessgame plays out exactly the way it did in retrospect? Yet an extreme unlikelyness will play out on every single game. Every single person you see on the streets at just that time an place would've been extremely unlikely, and you can walk all day and see thousands of them. Unlikely events happen all the time, whether you and the other person have the same suit and value or you have H10 D5 and he has C2 D7. But you don't remember the mundane only the outcomes that impacted you.
  8. I never really liked the bomb/defusing aspect even if that is the original objective of the game it was always much more fun for the round to end with killings anyway. I guess it gave the game a more professional aura or something i don't know. I'd usually play that map with little fortresses and you could jump high and float around in the air the only weapon was the weaker sniper.
  9. Altough original Mega Man series had a consecutive streak of the same style until just recently breaking it at the 11th title, and Metal Slug always remained unchanged. I welcome those titles remaining traditional while i wouldn't neccessarily want a new COD or FIFA "X Year" every single time. It depends on what the game mechanics are whether you can still add new gameplay to an old formula, i mean how many different ways can you really run and kick a ball on? Or improved graphics that keep getting better on paper but the eyes can't even tell the difference anymore.
  10. @Rushbie no i didn't even know it's out already as i've not been following the updates. It does looks good though just like the rest of the series but i wish they improved upon the survival mode, it doesn't take long to get crowded and then it all starts relying on powerups to clear the whole screen of enemies over and over.
  11. The Getaway for PS2 was a really solid title that i could recommend for those into the action/crime type of genre. More story emphasized, it's not really an open world where you can also have fun just running around wreaking havoc as a sideshow. The missions are centered around gunfights and almost nothing else. The game is good for what it does wich is a gangster adventure in an English setting with it's cultural specifics and once you've completed the story, that's it.
  12. @RayL I think i've stumbled across streams by accident but never stuck around too long. Not really my thing. When i watch gameplay vids it's usually either for a fast summary of how a game is or to compare how others are approaching some challenge compared to myself, usually after i've already beaten it as i don't like getting walkthroughs. Speedruns and no death runs (and other similar skills) are styles that i'm into and will watch occasionally. @Rushbie I've heard about the upcoming game but not followed any updates or anything. I see that it's taking a departure from the old formula so now you're building an own army and attacking instead. Not sure how i feel about the changes but most likely i'll get this game aswell. Pricing i think might be around the same as Origins.
  13. Been going back to playing Kingdom Rush lately it's a "Tower Defence" game series with great look and lots of cool enemies, really well made all throughout. Even with the scenery and enemies regularly changing it never feels like watered out "filler" that is there to artifically prolong the game when it has outstayed it's welcome but genuine and lively. First and second game on Armorgames: http://armorgames.com/play/12141/kingdom-rush http://armorgames.com/play/15717/kingdom-rush-frontiers The third is on mobile app only as of now and costs around ~3€ but it's well worth it.
  14. I don't post all my results every day. Important for me is to post daily picks, regardless if it's a good day , or a bad day like it was today, with horrible results. I see. Do you still play all of them?
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