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4+Acca insurance bet


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on 18 Feb 2019 at 09:28:32 I wagered a fourfold 4+Acca insurance bet with 10 Coupon ID 1784420597.
I lost the bet because of a single match, however, despite the rule that says that I shall receive a € 10 freebet by Monday 7 pm, I haven't received that sum so far.
Please check and let me know what is gone wrong, shall I receive that freebet on my account.
Regards and thank you for an answer
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I always receive it  Monday in the late afternoon @plavicvjetic - it's automated and is credited flawlessly when you meet the criteria. It's very good promo for the unlucky bettors like me which tend to have exactly one wrong pick most of the times.

Unfortunately the free bets from the "Multiples Promo" are constantly missing (received both, even from one quallifying bet only once). And it shows only at the sport page, not in the promotions anymore :wonder:


@RayL  if you have the time and nerves, could you be so kind to check if there is something wrong with my account settings. The support was sure that I'm/was not opted-in and had to prove it with scrrenshot :Speechless:

Actually there've been some answers that I have to opt-in in this forum too , by Marco as I remember, but for another promo (for which I was opted too and missed free bets sometimes).

It's not a big deal, but almost every week 12BGN missing since November add-up...

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