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winter spin series final problem


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Hi @RayL. Please, tell me smth. You have in bingo section a minigame tournament Winterspin Series Final. I want to know how it's possible that 1st place to have 57036 points  (biggest equalised winning after 20 spins) means that at 0.25 euros he/she won more than 2500 euro. NO game offers such win. So I want to know how is this possible for the transparency of the tournament, please. I want to play that game , too if this game really exists otherwise.....


Thank you !

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Sorry for the delay first of all. The player that you mentioned did manage to get, 57036.9 points. For reference the logic behind the points system for tournaments like this, is:


1) We calculate the score for each game round by “Total win for round in EUR” / ”Total bet for round in EUR”.

2) Find best x consecutive rounds, by checking for the highest total sum of scores.

3) “Sum of scores for best x consecutive rounds” * 100 / "Number of consecutive rounds"


In this specific tournament Jack’s Jackpot was included and the winning player did hit a jackpot.

Let us know if you have further questions and as a side note, we have contacted the responsible people in regards to having a clear explanation in the terms of a tournament of the points calculation system to avoid these types of confusions in the future.





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Yes @RayL I have the Jack's Jackpot in my bingo lobby , so it's legal in my country , but I didn't have it 2019-01-26.thumb.png.f2222e3acaeb8b621bd1b7b45a12aaa2.png in the tournament as you can see in my print screen (only 15 games). So some of us had 16 games , some 15 even if it's legal in our country.What is this.DISCRIMINATION or what ? I am very upset with this . Unibet , I think is a big company, yhe prize was very good. I think this is out of the law.

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