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Freeroll Registration time Changed ?????


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@latha wrote:

Hey guys has the freerolls registration time changed ??? I checked out the 100ē freeroll and it was full 1hr prior, Whats wrong with the freerolls!!!!

Yes, and all the freerolls today are almost full..

So when people come home from work and want to relax with playing a freeroll, they can`t because the freerolls are full..

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@Leo-Unibet wrote:

@Royalenis wrote:

@Leo-Unibet , we know that. The question was about the registration starting time. Previously it was at 18:00 CET, but nowadays it's available from 14-15:00 ET.  This is why I wrote that this should be a technical issue.


The registration time has changed for technical reasons

Yes, I did understand that, but players can register 5-6 hours before start? :wonder:

I guess you fix the technical problems soon :)

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@cris1285 wrote:

WTF, the tournament at 12:05, at 14:15 and at 18:15 is full, cant register anymore. :laugh: The 18:15 is nice now, half of the players dont even play it, just sit out, so easier to get a ticket - well, if you book a seat a day earlier... 

The new morning routine: wake up, coffee and registration to all freerolls.

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