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Poker client problem


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Hello i just created this account to play poker but when i open the client i see some kind of black screen, i cannot click on anything..

Same problem in web and pc client. 


1710770389_clientproblem.thumb.png.34253d11cf5a3741150a287052f624bc.pngCan someone help me? I tried to login with a friends account in the same client and that one is working.. so i think its some problem for new accounts only.

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Firstly read the terms of use u cannot login with some one account or an secound account its illegal, try to contact live chat support and let them check or there is all fine with u account but it may be closed by the reaseon i wroted before.
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Update @Sinem120@JusThieF.
New poker users can go to the web poker client where they'll be able to create their poker alias and other iniital settings.
Once that has been done, they will be able to either continue there, or they can login to any other client and it will work as expected for them. For the time being this is the workaround to this issue untill the poker provider has developed the fix, which should be soon :)


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