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Belgian champ ticket displayed as not registered


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I Had a €90 belain champ unibet ticket.

I registerd for the tournament today: Unibet belgian champ €1100 final.

When the tounament starts I did not get any notification. Even when the tournament was started, I was showed as 'not registered'.

One hour later I noticed I only had 700 chips for this tournament. So  I was eliminated imediatly.

Something went wrong. please correct this.

Thank you.



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Hi @Mrjon7, thanks for informing us about it. Although I am not able to confirm at the moment if there was a prompt that the tournament has started, I can indeed see that you timed out almost all hands. I have informed the relevant people to have a closer look at the tournament and re add you the lost ticket. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I have word back from them.



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