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Q3 Challenges


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Hi everyone, 

Yesterday started a new quarter and which means your challenges have reset. But the ones you have and will get in Q3 will take less time to complete:


A Cash Game Minor challenge was taking ~500 hands to complete and will now take ~50 hands (and ~100 hands for Banzai)

A Cash Game Major challenge was taking ~2000 hands to complete and will now take ~1000 hands

A SNG Heads Up Minor challenge was taking ~25 SNGs to complete and will now take ~5 SNGs

A SNG Heads Up Major challenge was taking ~100 SNGs to complete and will now take ~50 SNGs

A SNG 5seat Minor challenge was taking ~10 SNGs to complete and will now take ~5 SNGs

A SNG 5seat Minor challenge was taking ~40 SNGs to complete and will now take ~50 SNG


Of course that means they will allocate less points but since you'll complete them more often, that means you are less likely to be one challenge away from reaching another step in the payouts at the end of a quarter. We hope that makes it a bit less of a grind for new players since we get a lot of them during the World Cup period. 


Let us know if you see any issue or have any feedback.

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Is this a permanent change? Seems like the minor challenge is really gotten screwed over, as you have to complete 10-12 of those in order to get the same points as with the last arrangement. I just played 4 hours of 6 tables NL 100 and only got 7k points, even completing a major challenge for 5k. 

Is this really an attempt at a rake back cut? 

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Also it seems the remaining challenge points does not move to the next quarter ever again? That sucks. For any reason, if one is not completing the very last point needed to the next reward step, it's all gone and forgotten :sad: 

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@Dadinz its hard to understand that you need 10 times less time to complete it, and then you get 10 times less point like you did write. And for major you get half points as before and also need half the time to finish it. Really can't understand how someone playing nl100-200 can't understand so simple thing :wow: Maybe suspection from @Sweeedeeen was ineed correct 😏

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In 5 seat SNG Major Challenges, one of them this quarter is to see a turn when it comes a spade. It gives circa 900 points and takes 50 times to complete!!!!!

Please take a look at this cause it doesn't seem right at all.

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@PokerLady93 wrote:

: Maybe suspection from @Sweeedeeen was ineed correct 😏

They need rakeback even more :)

But about challenges I'm sure that Unibet need to change the challenges. Now it's unprofitable to watch flops, so everyone plays like nit (of course because 6% rake is too high and often onlyregs game). So my advice is making challenges that need to watch flop (not just collect 2 hearts etc )

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@Messwithme, we're not planning to remove SNGs from Challenges for now. We'd like to replace Challenges overall (for all games) by a new loyalty scheme but that won't be anytime soon unfortunately. We also think Challenges are too complicated to explain, sell to new players or even maintain since we're a small team. I guess that thread proves it a bit as well.

@Dadinz, you have to complete 10 more of Cash Game Minor to get the same number of points but they take 10 times less to complete. For Major Cash Games ones, they take half less time to complete and give half less points. 
In 3,643 hands you've completed 70 minors and 3 majors which is around what's expected (50 hands per minor on average; 1000 hands per major on average). In terms of rake, you're getting 22% more points than expected for now (on average we aim to give 100 points per €1 rake).

@Rushbie, that's something I can't check on my end so I've forwarded your comment to the relevant person. 

@Pyro, the only type of Challenge that takes longer to complete (and give more points accordingly) is SNG 5 Seat Major. They use to take 40 SNGs and they now take 50 on average (but Minor take 5 SNGS instead of 10). The particular challenge you are talking about is even expecting to take 60 SNGs since the numbers I'm giving are averages. It's indeed the most difficult one. The easiest major one (reach a flop that contains at least two cards of the same suit) is expecting to take 34 SNGs only for example... but give less points, according to his difficulty.

@Sweeedeeen, most of Major challenges request players to see flops when most of minors don't. Yet you're right about Minor ones and I agree with you. The problem being that events on flops happen less often than events preflop so if we had all challenges based on flop events, we wouldn't be able to have challenges quick to complete... which isn't great for players who don't play a high volume of poker but still want to progress through our loyalty scheme. That's another reason why we should change the loyalty scheme overall. 


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I play 5 man SNG's and I don't like the changes to the minor challenges at all. 2 reasons:

1)  I multitable and therefore I'm often completing the same challenge 2 or 3 times at the same time over a few tables constantly as challenges are being met every few hands.

2)  SNG's require much more concentration than cash games so constantly checking what the new challenge is and clicking the update button cause even more stress.

I get the idea of being more inclusive to recs and making them feeling part of the Challenge program... but not if it comes at the expense of quality play which I feel would hamper even a 2 tabling rec playing 5 man SNG's.

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@PokerLady93 wrote:

 SNG's require much more concentration than cash game 🤣🤣🤣

I'm a cash game specialist that dabble in SNGs and MTTs. Sect is correct. The fluctuations in stacksizes and the bubble situation mean that SNGs require more focus than cash. For example, when playing 100bb deep, my button opening range never changes. In SNGs, my ranges are constantly changing.

There's no longer time to even look at the current challenge, so I've stopped looking at them.


FWIW, I'm a bit concerned that rewards might have actually been reduced. A few cash game regs have said to words to the effect of "I usually have loads more challenge points by this time of the month", but we won't know for sure until they've received their results spreadsheets at the end of the month and can see how much rake they've paid.

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  • 2 months later...

To me it seems I´m not getting those challenge points like I used to get. I have relied on Unibets stories that they do run with same rates as they used to. But I would love to hear some more.

I had a nice trip to UO Bucharest and had decided to grind a package to the next UO too. I have been playing and playing, but now it seems that I´m not going to get the points needed by the end of this month. I´m still over 500K short. Maybe I´m just too lazy or maybe some changes has been made. Lets try to figure it out.

Hello Unibet! Could You post some of my stats here (or at least to my email)? I´m pretty sure You have an easy access on those. 

How much I have raked on Q2 and on Q3 seperately?

How much I have got challenge points on each quarter?

If You have not changed the rates, I should get approximately same amount of points per raked € on both quarters. Right?

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I forgot to mention that I do know the challenge points are not rake related. But as a professional poker player, I do consider Your points system as a rakeback system.

And when You say that the changes are not big and pointed to people who play just a little. Then to me it means; "Just keep on playing the stakes you play, the way you play, and if you play as much as earlier, in the end of a quarter you should be getting about the same rewards as earlier"

But in my case, I have a feeling I´m not getting close to what I got earlier.

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@Opa You can ask support for your cash game stats, and how much you rakes over certain periods of time. Even if they don't filter it for the quarters you can do that yourself cause it's an excel spreadsheet. For large numbers like you produce it should be fairly close to the expected rake I assume. The major challenges might be longer now and therefore have more variance as a result so maybe that's the cause, idk. I'm curious tho, so if you get the stats maybe post them here too 😃

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Okay, it seems Unibet is not interrested about this issue. But for me this is an issue. I do have my own numbers, but it would be better to do the counting with Unibets numbers. I got my rake amounts from my affiliate. The challenge points and the rewards are from Unibet software.

I also would love to tell what UnibetPatric said to randompokerplayer on Unibets two plus two thread last week.

-Is it me or are we getting alot less challenge points now after they changed it?

-It´s still the same amount as before just in smaller steps


Now, let´s get to the point..

Between 1.4.-30.6. I have raked 13632,37€

Between 1.7.-31.8. I have raked 12577,01€

They are pretty close to each other, but the challenge points goes;

1.4.-30.6.   1628486

1.7.-31.8.     582230

I think that is sick, but even that isn´t the whole truth, since Unibets loyalty program is very progressive. I did some counting. I counted all bonus points (100=1€), bonuses and cash rewards together for each period of time. Random tickets are not included. The rewards go step by step, so I counted the one that are cleared.

1,5 million gives 4218€ plus an UO package worth 2000€, so lets say 6218€

500K gives 1018€

I am not sure if all the numbers are correct. If they are not, I hope someone from Unibet will join the conversation to clear things up.

But if the numbers are correct and there has been some sort of accident on Unibets behalf, I´m pretty sure they have no problems rewarding all the players who has taken beat because of this new system. Since it is clear that was not the plan when making those changes.

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Wow, that's a massive difference, maybe you were just stuck on a major challenge for ages and that is causing the discrepancy. Thanks for posting the stats.

Tagging @Patric-Unibet so he can see this thread as well. I still think it's just variance, and how variance can hit hard in the poker game for a long period of time I guess it can hit hard in these rewards as well when you run bad with the challenges, but still, it's such a large difference. And if your plan is to grind a UO package every quarter, a run like this can be super demotivating even if it is just variance so maybe the challenges have to be looked at. Although I think the plan was to change the rewards system soon anyway, but idk if that's that plan anymore. 

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I got the correct rake numbers from Patric. For some reason the Q3 rake numbers I had were twice the real ones. I had my doubts, and was hoping to get a confirmation before I made the calculations into the thread. But this time it went this way.

It was not impossible, and I had no reason for not to trust the numbers I had. I do rake 5-10K per month, but I do play on many sites and I don´t know how much of that goes to Unibet each month.

With these new numbers the points/raked euro ratios are much closer to each other. There is still a gap, but it is smaller, and of course variance can explain at least some of it.

I will count my points/rake here, so you can see what size the actual difference is.





Doesn´t look that big anymore. And in this kind of a challenge system variance might have its own impact too. But the fact remains, that in this quarter I do need to rake a lot more to get same amount of points as earlier. It seems, on this quarter I need to rake over 25% more to get the same rewards.

I don´t have any proofs saying that they have been cutting the rewards. But I´m not taking their words as the only truth. They say they didn´t change how much points you get for some achivement. (Which, I think, they do have done earlier during the couple years I have been playing on Unibet.)

But, for example, there is a chance, they took away the challenges that gave the best value for players. For sure, they didn´t do the opposite.

All in all, I think I will keep on playing on Unibet and hope this is just variance. I do have (had?) some good will for Unibet for trying to do things better than other companies.

And, of course, if there are lots of same kind of drops on points/rake ratios, then I think we should forget the theory of it being just variance.

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