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When does a match become live?


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I have a question about live betting. I like to participate occasionally in sports betting promotions and sometimes it involves placing a live bet on a match. But I'm a bit confused about when a prematch bet becomes a live one. Is it when the match moves to the live section of the site or is it when the match actually starts?

Because there are often matches that haven't even started yet but are already only shown in the livebetting category. So when I bet on a match that hasn't started yet but is shown in the live section, is it a live bet or a prematch? And is this the same for the other major sports betting sites?


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As soon as it goes into the live section, it's consider a live match. You can confirm this by placing a bet & it'll give you an option to cashout winnings. However, this option is not available with prematch bets.

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Pretty sure it's as soon as it's moved to the live betting section. You can test it by placing a 0.1 bet and see if the "Live" tag appears in the betting history - if the live tag isn't there, it's considered a pre-match bet. I'd test it myself, but my balance is 0.0 :d :Waterfall:

edit: adding a picture to show the tag.


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Good question, @BroederTuck. As the other guys suggest, it's considered a livebet as soon as you're placing the bet within the livebetting section.

A good example is the NBA (basketball) where the matches tend to start 10-15 minutes after the scheduled starting time. This means that you can actually place a livebet before tip-off.

The time you see on the left side of the bet is not necessarily the starting time (most of the times it will be) - it just indicate the time we close prematch bet offers on the match/event.

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