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Poker release notes 31/10/2017 - v2.11.0


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We had a release this morning on desktop web and download. Android will follow shortly and iOS one was released a couple of days ago.

New Features and Improvements:

  • € sign added to all stakes
  • Clickable notifications
  • Ability to increase/decrease buy-in amount in Cash Game by using mouse wheel
  • Ability for Unibet to offer targeted missions to specific players
  • Ability to setup tournaments where rebuy is allowed even when your current stack is superior to the starting stack (e.g. for double rebuy tournaments)
  • Addition of a Casino game called Napoleon & Josephine



 Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug causing the Mac client to sometimes crash when closing tables/client
  • Fixed bug causing tables to sometimes disappear from the left multitable widget on Android
  • Fixed bug causing the Rebuy option to not always pop-up during or before add-on break
  • Fixed an issue with €5 buy-ins satellite tournaments giving away cash instead of €5 tickets with the leftover money


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There seem to be an issue indeed that is affecting rebuy tournaments with addons. During the addon break, you would sometimes get excluded from add-on because of the size of your stack compared to the starting stack even though this logic should only apply to rebuys. 

We will release a hotfix for that and in the meantime we will amend the tournament schedule to make sure we don't use this configuration until this gets fixed.  




What happens when you tile your tables?



It means we (Unibet) can give specific missions to certain players from our backoffice. For example if we wanted to do a promotion for specific players (e.g. promo where anyone who has played Bingo last week will receive an exclusive poker mission next week) or a reactivation campaign. 
Probably something I should have excluded from the Release Notes but at least you know. ;)

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Hi @psrquack
It's a bug, probably happening with any tournament we update on our end. It's being investigated.


Was the add-on button visible? Could you see if your opponents were able to add-on? We've removed add-ons from tournaments before adding them again so I'm wondering if that happens in tournaments where the add-ons were removed or if it's another bug despite the hotfix. Our tournament manager is off so I don't know when the configuration has been changed etc. 

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