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Chipdumpers are ruining the game


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I didnt play on unibet for few weeks and came back yesterday. I knew that chipdumping happens here, but i think it has gone too far.

I saw some chipdumpers yesterday ~15:00 CET , reported them here and they got banned.

Later I played a night session, and noticed that when the playerpool gets smaller (00:00 CET and later) the chipdumpers come back again. At night you cant report them and they can dump their chips for a long time.


There were a few more accounts/aliases i think, but i got kinda frustrated with multitabling and handling MSPaint (and getting owned by chipdumpers).


Anyways I obv made the post because i ran bad vs them yesterday, LOL, but...

If a new player wins a ticket from stream or makes a first micro deposit, will he get a good gaming experience/first impression from Unibet, if he has to play vs chipdumpers? Would he recommend Unibet to friends?

I think this problem needs a permanent solution, because reporting and banning them is not very efficient and doesnt solve it.

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Hey @123,

 Sorry you had to go through this. I will be at the office within an hour or so and will take a look at this.


@steppek77, we do close these accounts permanently, what happens is they create another account (which we then again close permanently) etc. This is an ongoing battle we will win. 


Hope you have a good day! 


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I must say for sure chimp dumpers should ofc get banned and are bad. 

But.. i was thinking just yesterday, this has to be good for the games from a pure EV point of view. 

Idiots going all in with practically any two cards.. just wait for a strong hand and stack them!

(after you reported them of course). 

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