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How do you interpret this bet? Please help!


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Hi everyone, I need your help!

I placed a bet on the Women's Euros, in the 'specials' category. This was the description: "Number of goals scored in Stoppage Time of both halves in the Competition" (In Swedish) "Antal mål som görs under båda halvlekarnas tilläggstid i turneringen?"

Lets say you bet 2 - whay would need to happen in the tournament for you to win the bet?

I would very much appreciate a few interpretations!


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@Angellike Hey , 

From what i can see,it 's means the goals scored in both halfes of the match , the only difference is that these markets for these matches do not take extra time or penalty shootouts into account.So it will only count the goals scored before any additional time is being played in each half. ( minute '45. )

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@Angellike wrote:

@Livertool So if the bet is "2", two goals would have to be scored in the 45+x and/or 90+x minutes throught the whole tournament? (Yes, I know that's bascially what you wrote, just want to be 100% clear)

@Angellike Correct :) It has to be exactly two goals.

Thanks for helping out, @Livertool & @AndreiBN

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@AndreiBN @Livertool @MarcoV

Thank you!

However this is not how the odds suppliers have interpreted or rather intended their bet. Instead they meant the following: 

Number of times goals on added time are scored in both halves of the same game (!!). So as my bet was 2, that had to happen twice. I did not - obviously, as that very rarely happens. Not once in the history of women's Euro's if I remember my research correctly. Unfortunately they are not budging, my bet is lost and I am left feeling mislead and basically robbed.


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