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Bankroll Bankrupt Challange!


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Some say it couldnt be done, some say he was borderline insane to even think it could happen, but he was determined to make his dream of bankruptcy come true. 

With the one week anniversary of the challenge no one knew or cared about we revisit kitches attempt to go broke. 

After blowing his free tickets he deposited a modest 10 quid to attempt to blast the unibet community into awe with his spectacular fishy play, and for the first couple days it was all going swimmingly, down to just 4 bucks the challenge was almost complete , he couldn't be happier. But then a double and then another double up  in a cash game in less than 2 mins he was up to €8 ,and it didn't end there , it went from bad to worse in the space of a few hours when he won the €2 step up and won some 45 pennie bounties and won 1st place in a €2 euro ticket freeroll , 15 hours well spent.

The next couple days were up and down then  things took a turn for the worst, he had hit the 40 flop challenge for a €25, where he quickly exchanged and had these results:

€10 MTT - hahaha

€4 MTT - some bounties won

€4 MTT - lol

7 x €1 Sit n go (4 wins 1 second 2 defeats)

Determined to dent this bankroll once and for all things were looking up when it looked like someone was helping him from beyond the unitbet matrix, unfortunately it was not  roBot  hood but simply the current exchange rate for bucks to rupees. 

(***Can an admin please  put MR Robot image here, having problems shifting it on mobile***)

 The challenge so far has been a disaster , with more cash than he started with and gaining more experience and table reads  making it to final tables and bankroll reaching 30 dollars in monopoly money, it seems  far from over and the skeptics were for now , apparently right. 

He has one last trick up his sleeve though, a withdrawal, to fund his takeaway and split movie night should he care to see it . . . a controversial move to say the least should it became a possibility. 

We asked the delude scotmans a couple of questions:

Why play poker on the unibet site?

"I swear it had nothing to do with the free tickets . . .   "

How do u find the bonus system?

"Terrible, its almost impossible to go broke, its a joke really"

What is your alias?

"Its a mad scientist , doc brown, but I once played at a table against a duck, his name was duck polk, I could hardly focus as that one cracked me up"

The Scotsman then fled as he thought someone was hacking his account again, "its dropped 2cents in the last hour , to the unitbet help page!"

So have we seen the last of kitch, is he a one post wonder , one deposit wonder , who knows,  but if you can usually find him lurking in the shadows of free rolls and micro machine buy ins with his hood up and ear phones in like some braclet wannabe. 


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The challenge is complete !!! But not in the way you think, after boosting his bankroll back up to near 20 big ones, kitch was told he would be moving house, and Spunked the lot within hours , knowing he wouldnt have WiFi for a few weeks he took many chances , trying to double up with any old muck , Now settling into his new place he logs on , slightly regretting his blow out as fun as it was playing like a lunatic , he now sits with just 12c and his beginners tickets have expired, to the freerolls!!! A new home needs a lot of ❤️♥️❤️, so he wont be trying another bankrupt challenge for a couple even maybe a few weeks yet. Until then . . . .
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Fk the freerolls* the bankrupt challenge has erupted into chaos with a monster deposit of 5 bucks. 

That's right old new community hit n runner kitch has dug deep down the sides of the couch and looking for spare change in the streets, it wasn't pretty but after 3 weeks of copper collecting he hit the magic 5 euros. 

History repeated itself with the bankrupt challenge with his BR bulleting to heavy high rolling £15. 

Adding to that some free tkiets pelease , it was going to be a struggle again. 

But fear not! The downsing came , highlights include busting out in 1 banzai omaho dollar first hand, using his free tickets to wipe his Erse with, not being able to get his head around cash games and busting his cash quicker than a banzai heads up match, bubbling it twice for a €25 EO / UK ticket , thanks @Darkangel7 but screw that, I'm emotionally scared for life. LIFE!!!!

Moving on .. . 

At one point today he was around to €10 mark, the challenge was heading in the right direction once again until! A heads up and SnG win, which here I lay a tip for fellow wannabes who can't play for sh it . . . 

Always, Always keep your eye on the ball:Screenshot_2017-09-03-19-22-41.thumb.png.8993f286f54fb935fb2f3aafe17f0f5f.png

I guess this is when All in isn't All in, lucky for me his chips were rediculasly low , still I could see the headlines:

"Luckiest poker player in the world wins from 13 chips , opponent moves to mental institution"

. . . for the record @Merenitsu, when you busted that guy at our table, I folded A10 preflop to your all ins, I would've won that hand so maybe it was you and I who were colluding 🆒  Its a conspiracy I tells ye!  . . 

Good luck people , the community is slowly growing on me 

* I love freerolls ;)





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The Challenge is now complete!!! But no in the way you think . . . wait what, haven't we done this dance already? 

Yes but this time it was the highland fling and I danced with the devil himself , no not the King of Flips, the mother flipper that he is . . . it was Big John, the bingo caller from hell. . . 

Loitering around the unibet site like a hungry hobo . . . again, kitch found some freebies and boy did they taste good, €10 full house , bingo mfs. Minor Moe also dug deep for some sweet sweet €€€s. Confidence was up , taking some hits but breaking even he was at £25 squid, not far off step two challenge he burned through €3 Banzai Omaha , fk you September missions , fk you Omaha, fk you Mr Miagi, BANZAI!!!! 

Moving on . . . 

Being Scottish and tighter than duck Polks Erse he quickly withdrew £20 and started to play some SnGs , then . . . John came a calling . . . not long after kitches challenge was complete , broke through a game he rarely gave a crap about nor even played for real cash, bingo, bingo! Bingo ffs! Never will he play that old grannies game again. 

Not all was lost once the cash was gone, his confidence is sky high, already looking forward to his next deposit whenever that may be and it may also be the last of these bamkrupt challenges as he pulled off some outrageous moves and now that he realises that poker is not a fleeting romance , its now in his blood. Being broke gives him a well earned break from the madness of poker everyday for hours. 

Highlights include:

Bluffing with trip jacks on the board with an absolute trash hand, Ax you say? Suited connecters you say? Low pair you say? Wrong! 5/3 off suit 🆒

This Sexy flop:Screenshot_2017-09-05-10-26-31.thumb.png.131d115f43ae97acfb29e97bb938f31d.png







£5 in . . . £20 out, and a lot of fun in between, this marks the end of the Bankrupt Challenges. 




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Back up to €16 euros after some silky binky bingo (£5)  

I also smashes that Omaha banzai mission , I smashed him good , right in the face. 

I just need one knock out and I'm in the £10000000 mission , I'm coming for you @Merenitsu , there's a bounty on your free rolling ass *













*Jk mate











or am I



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