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  1. Something is wrong again, 5+5€ Hyper R/A prizepool is 669.20€, but when I count the prizes there are only 500€ total. I don't think you take that much rake, right? Also places paid is only 1-5 with 63 players. edit. btw crashed twice again today, pretty much exactly at the same time as Wednesday...maybe it is the login server issue again?
  2. One crash was right at the moment when tournament break ended, I didn't notice any reason for other crashes. I need more data to figure out what could be causing these crashes, in the past the hexapro ad during tournament breaks caused crashes, but this might be something different. Maybe I was just very unlucky to experience so many crashes right after the update, but statistically it would be unlikely since I haven't had this many crashes for years. I will report back if I have an idea what could be causing this.
  3. Problems I have noticed after the update so far: - client crashing more often - issues with tournament lobbies, not showing payouts and freezing - not gaining bonus points after paying rake As mentioned before graphics team is doing great job, but making sure the software is working properly should be prioritized. Software testing is something relax seems to be missing all together, paying customers are being used as software testers and in the process they are losing money because of the glitches. Love you guys but this is not how it should be done.
  4. Lobby froze for me when there were 16 players left, tried to relog and now I can't see payouts at all, also it is still showing 16 players while half of them busted already. edit. Every tournament show no payouts for me now.
  5. This new update caused my client to crash 3 times in last 10 minutes...borderline unplayable. Not quite "the merriest poker software release of the year"...unless you are masochist. 😆
  6. I thought this would have been finally fixed after years and years, had no problems for few months. Now this problem is back, will be fun day tomorrow playing 15 UOS mtt's with crashing client. Relax should find people who can code...when you have money involved this is just unacceptable.
  7. This name should probably be removed, kinda gives you pedo vibes.
  8. I use pokerihuone client so the special client is not an option for me. And btw I have had 0 crashes for at least 3 days, the new version might have helped. 🥳 If it stays like this it is not a big problem anymore.
  9. I have had this for years, obviously it is a problem with the poker client, There are many people who have the problem. At this point I am kinda used to it, but have to admit it still tilts me when there are multiple sick bad beats and then client crashes on top of it. 😆
  10. Collusion rings are always a possibility if you think something is wrong with the probabilities, much more likely than rigged rng. If there is a group of people sharing their hole cards in small field tournaments it can have a massive impact. It is good to be aware of this. I stopped playing at one site because I think they have a big collusion ring playing there. I have rarely seen anything shady about unibet fields though and those rare "suspicious" plays happened most likely because of someone being bad at poker.
  11. As I said: "I am personally fine with this decision as long as you won't continue further down this path in the future."
  12. While this is not great news, it is understandable decision from unibets point of view to reward losing players. Ideal situation for a poker site would be if everyone would just lose slowly due to rake. I am personally fine with this decision as long as you won't continue further down this path in the future. After all poker is supposed to be a skill game and punishing players who are decent at it is not cool in my opinion. Thank you for being open about this.
  13. I f you want more banzai's, just go play slots...😆
  14. I also agree with dc10FTW, normal KO's are just bad compared to PKO's. I have yet to meet anyone who would prefer normal KO tournaments over PKO's, if there is someone who prefers KO's then I'm fine with it since there are only three of them. In my opinion there are too many PLO days, 50% less would be fine. 😄 But overall this looks like a fun series!
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